Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Under the Same Sky

(Sorry for spouting nonsense, you can skip this post and wait until 8pm when I post something better to read).

Have you heard about 'under the same sky' philosophy?

That philosophy said that everyone in this planet lives under the same sky. Thus, nobody is too far away from anyone else. Distance is nothing when compared to the vast sky. 

Under this same sky, lots and lots of people are connected by string of fate. They will be pulled or pushed to fulfill the demand of destiny.
Some of them are bound to meet you someday, while they are now maybe standing awfully far from where you are.
Some others are those who have had their path crossing yours, and they are still drifting away from where you stand and read this. 

Some of them will come back. Some others not.

But you will never be the same.

Imagine this, no matter how far, you are still living under the same sky.
So when you miss them, just look up to the sky and state your prayer.
If you are lucky, the one you want to meet is also doing the same thing.

Afterall, you are not that far.
You are near with everyone, everytime.

4 komentar:

  1. walaupun terpisahkan oleh jarak namun kita masih dibawah langit yang sama, kayaknya Ruoxi pernah bilang gitu di drama BBJX :D

    1. hmm... iya, kita juga di bawah langit yang sama kan ini? :)

  2. The same sky, different place seperti lirik lagu :P

    1. bisa kayaknya dibuat lirik nih... tinggal bikin melodinya yg saya ndak bisa, hihihi XD


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