Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

Quest 7: unBEARable

Welcome to the House of the unBEARables!

This is the tail of the bears. Since this is just a tail, you can choose to follow the tail and believe it, or not. Well, once upon a time, there is a chivalrous knight named Exazio which befriends a laid back wizard named Cromag. Both of them like bear for its unbearably strange features. Together they formed a guild and Cromag made Exazio step up as the compulsory guild master.

Bear 1: Exazio (hybrid - damage-per-second knight)

Not only being the one who stated the idea of forming a guild, Exazio was the one who first came up with the idea of the guild name. He serves as the guildmaster and one of the main attackers in the guild. Exazio used to specialize in attack and not too much in defense, but recently the comeback of Zegro inspires him to pursue the path of defender. Being the most dynamic person, he levels up faster than anyone in the guild. He catches up with Zegro in term of defense without sacrificing too much offensive power. Exazio is currently the knight in the guild with highest offensive power and only second to Zegro in term of defense. With this advanced skill, Exazio excels at both solo fighting and in party. Cromag calls him ‘the bearmaster’, which is then followed by other guildsmen.
Theme song: 200 Miles  

Bear 2: Cromag (fire - wind wizard)

Cromag was the first guildsman of the guild. He specializes in fire elements and has high ability of magic among people of his level. He is the first guild member to ever reach 1000+ offensive powers. This greatness is greatly compensated with his terrifying defense, even though Cromag has actually mastered the art of defense for wizards. Cromag is blessed with high luck in upgrading his own magical weapon to boost his magic power, which made Exazio frequently states him as ‘troublesome magic bear’. He likes to help the guild apprentices more than leveling up by his own. Bluefeather often said that he used to have blue hair, which turned red after he started to study fire magic. True or not, Cromag himself never confirms.
Theme song: Shooting Star  

Bear 3: Zegro (hybrid knight)

Almost contrary to Exazio who specializes as attacker, Zegro serves a role of both attacker and defender. He has both high defense and high attack power, though his attack is not as high as the guildmaster. Zegro has the highest survivability rate among the guildsmen due to his balance hybrid skills. He used to stay back and let the other surpassed him but recently he got back his title as the number one defender of the guild by surpassing most guildsmen in term of both defensive and offensive power. He has mature aura around him which makes many apprentices like his guidance. Still, as a member of the guild, he shows ability to blend into pranks and quarrels with the youngsters.
Theme song: Happy People  

Bear 4: Ermira (katar – damage-per-second assassin)

She was the first female to join the guild. Though she easily befriended Bluefeather who joined afterwards, Ermira likes to venture on her own. Ermira is third in line after Cromag and Zalbard in term of offensive power. She is frequently compared to Furato in term of girlish action and thus made the two easily clashes with each other. Despite of her demeanor, Ermira excels in wielding deadly weapons, and sometimes scares away people with her cunning outer persona. So far she is the only katar user between assassins of the guild. 
Theme song: Life    

Rabu, 01 Oktober 2014

One Brain

One brain is never enough to solve anything.
So forgive your imperfection.
And forgive others who over expected you to be so very perfect.
Solve things like you have nothing to lose, because no one can actually do better than what you are doing right now.