Jumat, 29 Juli 2016

All That Matters

For each failure,
 I grow stronger,
I learn more about life and people,
I learn more to love and forgive,
and I understand more about this universe.
It is all that matters.

People can judge me,
People can say anything,
People can think of anything,
And nobody can stop them,
But my own version of myself is all that matters.

I accept what they said.
I accept my mistakes, 
I accept what cannot be undone,
But I am not living in the past,
I live in my present and it's all that matters.

I am not trying to defend myself,
Nor am I trying to change people's judgement,
But I let them see by themselves, what kind of person I am,
It's the most graceful way to prove who I really am,
And it is all that matters.

I am here,
Still the whole me here,
And you know? It is all that matters.

Senin, 25 Juli 2016

Tantangan menjadi ENTP


We value logic first, then feeling second. It is not that we don't have feeling, but we go with what must be done, not what we must feel.

Jumat, 22 Juli 2016

Countdown H - 31

if life is predictable, I would have taken warp to the other side of this universe.


Buat yang merasa countdown diatas adalah *uhuk* countdown yang 'itu' (if you know what I mean) maka maaf ya, anda salah, hahaha :p

H - 31 adalah countdown untuk acara ini wahai saudara:

Senin, 04 Juli 2016

Photograph (Instrumental)

straight to your mind.

There are many-many instrumental version of Ed Sheeran's Photograph, but this one stole my heart right the moment I heard the first note.

Courtesy of Alegretto and Joel Miranda