Selasa, 15 April 2014

Sevens, the Enthusiasts.

Being seven is easy.

We just need to live our life, make it fun and choose to be happy. Sevens are strong people who always stay positive. We believe that everything will turn out fine, and we find powers to make fine endings simply from believing. Sevens see everything from both sides and try not to judge before pointing out positive traits. We love to spread out positive thoughts to people.

Some people state that Sevens are the children of Enneagram. Not that we are childish but more that we have childlike nature inside us. It is not difficult to attract Sevens’ attention. We are easily feel enthusiasm and fall in love with many things. We are easily drowned into things we love, and if it comes to our dream job, we are willing to do our best with tremendous stamina. We are commonly praised for our energetic and fast-paced nature, like we never run out of fuel.

Inside, Sevens value future perspective highly. We like to plan, brainstorm and daydream. We tend to let ourselves open to many changes and new things that are about to come. We are not afraid of changes, instead, we are thrilled. As we grow up, we start to learn about consequences and tend to choose the happiest choice when possible.

Sevens leave the past as it is, never seem to regret it more than once in a short time. We have natural ability to move on. Like others, some of us are easily hurt, but all of us have the same special reflex to think positively of our surrounding. In summary, we naturally seek positive traits of anything to feel blessed and happy because we never like negative feelings.

As we have many things that interest us, Sevens have very big chance to master many distinct abilities. Many people praise us for our wide array of skills, both as professionals and amateurs. Something that draws out our creativity and ideas usually becomes our subjects, as Sevens are unstoppable active thinkers. Point out any trouble to us, we will automatically spin our mind to make many way out.

Grown up Sevens usually take the best traits of Fives, the Observers. At best, we are up to par to Fives in listening, watching and reading our surrounding without making any intervention. This growth counterattacks our previous tendency to jump over things, but still, we retain the playful nature inside us. Push the right button, and we will back to full-Seven-mode.

Sevens’ wisdom usually is the cumulative experience from our habit to jump over things. At one point, we have experienced so many things that others might have never experienced before. Many people define Sevens’ wisdom as sobrieties, a state when we no longer make measurement of anything. We willingly accept ourselves and our surrounding with all positives and negatives, and let life happens as it is. Together with observation skill adapted from Fives, we are usually seen as people with broad perspective, one of the broadest in Enneagram.

Being seven is hard.

We are not connected to our fear. Instead, we tend to avoid it. When we fear something, or being hurt by something, we tend to distract our mind so the negative feelings will not bother us. While it may seem positive, nobody can hide from their fear for too long. One day we will have to face it again.  Though, when faced with overly negative feeling, Sevens will withdraw themselves from the main cause and tend to choose other path in order to protect themselves.

Sevens tend to wish for many things. It will be very difficult for us if someone asks us, ‘What is one thing you want in life?’. We have many interests and many things that amaze us. Life is too broad for wanting only one thing. It comes in cost that we constantly need to experience as many things as possible. Some people call this trait as ‘gluttony of experience’.

Having a fully-fueled locomotive planted in our feet, sometimes Sevens are over-expecting other people to have the same pace as us. Some people define us as impatient community. Some people see us as shallow, because we seem to move on very quickly from one thing to another. It is not completely wrong, but we still have ability to feel strong connections to others. The only difference between us and non-Sevens is that we avoid being negative for too long, because our basic need is find bless and happiness. How can we do that if we are too busy dwelling on negative feelings?

It is true that we like to study many things, but we have a relatively short span of concentration. We need new things to explore from time to time or we will be easily subjected to boredom. It comes in cost that we might not be able to learn something very deeply because we tend to jump over from one thing to another.

Ideas are holy for us Sevens, which means that we work best at the place where ideas are appreciated. We are easily frustrated by repetitive works, inability to jump over things and mostly when our ideas are not appreciated. Moreover, although Sevens are excellent brainstormers, we are not as best as other Enneagrams in case of finishing things. This is due to unstoppable flow of ideas inside our head, and we have very high tendency to follow our new ideas than finishing the previous ones.

At worst, we are much like Ones in bad state. High stress environment and or having no time to enjoy our life might trigger this deprivation. We might still have tendency to spin our mind to find a way out, but our machine seems to work less accurate. As the result, we might become perfect perfectionists and overly critical about our surroundings.

Finally, Sevens are prone to ‘rebound phenomenon’ because of their constant need to stray away from negative feelings. Deep down we realize that the buried feeling might be a time bomb for us. Just to let you know, healthy Sevens learn to accept their negative feeling, but most of us refuse to let it dominate our mind. We choose to think positively after we accept the negative.
I am Seven and I feel blessed (Siennra, 2014)