Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Cinderella Story

Every story has an untold side, no matter how obvious the storybook’s told the reader,
Cinderella’s story isn’t over after being married to a prince,
It’s the starting point, how she adapt to the royal family.
Cinderella might not be happy,
The prince might cheat,
The king might not like her,
The queen might be so cruel,
And no one give a damn,
No one even bother to think of the consequences she has to bear for jumping into the palace.
Everyone closed the book and make the version of happy ending in their head.
But, each character of the book, is still walking through an untold story.
Till when? Who knows…

(inspired by an episode of Kurosagi, a Japanese dorama, that was once, focusing the story about Cinderella. This very episode is stuck in my mind, the one and only episode of Kurosagi I remember so clear)

Everyone has their own story, be it the story they keep for themselves, of the story they share with other. Compared to the fairy tale about Cinderella, a real person’s story is like a novel, or rather, a biography. It will be as complicated as it may seem, yet it will also be very enthralling for some reason.

Lots of people love fairy tale, yet why don’t lots of people love biography too? 

Well, as someone’s life might be very long or surprisingly short, it contains very much opinion, complexity of mind and the enigma of heart. Biography readers are usually only interested by a minor shine of the main character, and soon, lots of reader will drop the book as it will bore them out.

Everyone is living in a biography, or rather, everyone is a biography themselves
There’s no such person who’s hollow and empty inside. Everyone has a complex story. Everyone has their hidden story, the untold ones, the secret only them and God who ever know. 
People, created with all the limitation, tend to see only a part of the “living biography”, read it, try to understand it, even just a chapter of it, then as the chapter changes, people contemplate whether to read on or turn the cover close.

Most people close the cover. Most people thought one chapter of other’s life is an end, just like the Cinderella Story. Almost nobody ever think about how Cinderella would be doing in the palace, jumping from an extreme social status from a worthless maid to a wife of a prince.
 Before I watched the episode of Kurosagi, I never give it a thought too. 

Who cares what happen to Cinderella after?

Cinderella might be very happy, because she’s a very kind person. She deserved to be happy. 
Good thing if it really like that, but what if Cinderella’s being bullied soon after she got into the palace? 
Or what if actually she was the number ten or whichever to be the wife to the prince? 
Or what if the prince actually an old man casting spell to become younger-looking? 
Or what if the prince died because of the war afterward? 
Or what if the kingdom actually is going bankrupt and she, along with the royal family were thrown to the street? 
Or what if Cinderella herself was actually money-minded, so soon as she got enough wealth she would run away from the palace? 
Or what if actually she is a spy from another kingdom to attack the royal steadiness?

Or, what if she became queen but she’s very dumb so she’d ruin her own kingdom because of her stupidity?

Kinda extreme, huh? But those are some from a million chance for Cinderella story. Maybe soon after you read this, you straightly have some kind of crazier ideas about Cinderella’s biography. Am I right?

In fact, as every chapter ends, new chapter begins. It might be a better story, or a sadder one. But, it continues on, with or without reader.

Some reader will be staying, reading carefully, thoroughly. 
Rare reader will even try to read the previous and more previous chapters, to get more understanding. These rare readers are the one that will be held dear by us, the living biography; people we will love, people we will nurture with all the attention, compassion and understanding we have.

As for me.. 
I’m blessed because I have them, the rare readers. 
They’re people who understand me as a whole, as me, all of me. They love me, for who I am. They support me, for who I am. They stand by my side, taking both my arm when I feel like falling. 
Even though I never ever shed a teardrop in front of them, they’re people who know things behind my laughter. 
They see through all the strong front and smiling face I have. They’re able to reach me behind all the happy-go-lucky and i-don't-care-about-it I serve. They see… the real me…

And that’s why I love them. That’s why I take their hands and stand strong. 
Not because I am myself a strong person, but because I have them all, strengthening me.
That's enough a reason to keep going past any unspoken fear and sadness i meet along the way.

My biography, the complicated and full of untold stories, is already being read by people I love the most. That’s one most relieving feeling I have; I am not, and never alone.
And that’s enough, to make me smile, a real smile…

Thank you, everyone,
Bless me for one last thing I want to do, before I close this precious, very precious biography I’ve been reading for three years…

P.S. I am no Cinderella, i don't own Cinderella story nor Kurosagi, but i do own this blog address :p
(January 26th, 2012; 11.25 pm)


Senin, 09 Januari 2012

I am Indonesian, and I'm PROUD

I am Indonesian,
and i am proud to be Indonesian,

I was born here, in Indonesia, at the small city called Kediri,
I grew up in that city, engulfing the art of Javanese and I'm PROUD of it,
I also grew up later in Yogyakarta, learning many sorts of Javanese stuff,

Indonesian is my primary language, and I'm PROUD of it,
I learned English and Japanese too, but still, Indonesian is my primary language, along with Javanese as my mother language,
I might sometimes speak in English, using words or sentences in Japanese, or writing not in my beloved language here but i never have any intention to love any other language more than i love Indonesian,

my country is not perfect,
everyone knows that,
and maybe some people are looking down at us too,
but it doesn't matter for me,
I love my country, Indonesia, and I'm PROUD of it,

I might leave this country to continue my study abroad,
but for me, the place i will be working is only here, in Indonesia, and I'm PROUD of it,

you ask me why?
why am i PROUD of Indonesia?
well after all, this is my country,
this is the place where i grew up,
this is the place where people i love live,
this is the place where i am needed,
this is the place where it's me, along with the young generation, who have the ability to make it grow, to make it better,
not just ability, more to a duty, for me, for every young generation,

sometimes when idealism strikes me, finding no place to realize it in this country, i might be upset,
sometimes I am asking myself why should i born here, not in the more developed country,
but then again,
it's a fate,
and there has to be something i can do to develop this country,
when my idealism is going nowhere, maybe i can create a new way to make it real, one day,

nothing is impossible, though maybe nothing is always easy,
so does this country,
I am 23 years old right now, and i know already, i have the obligation to do something helpful for this country,
I, along with my generation,

I am PROUD to be Indonesian,
I never seriously regret for being born in this country,
this country needs me, as it needs my generation,
and all i can do is to do my best,
never give up,
and keep believing, that I, along with my generation, will be able to make this country better,

Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

1st Time: Jaga Ujian

Siang tadi, saya diajak membantu mengawasi ujian Metodologi dari adik-adik semester V. Ini adalah pengalaman pertama saya ngawasi ujian mahasiswa S1. Satu kesan awal yang melekat pada kepala saya adalah: ‘LUCU’ XD

Saya dan teman saya yang sama-sama pertama kali jadi pengawas sama-sama berpendapat demikian.
Segera setelah ujian berjalan, teman saya menghampiri saya sambil menahan tawa, “Eh ternyata kalo nyontek tuh kelihatan banget ya…?”
Yang saya tanggapi dengan tawa cekikikan XD

Ternyata memang benar ya, seperti apapun pinternya seseorang itu nyontek, dosen selalu tahu.
Kapasitas ruang ujian tadi adalah sekitar 80 mahasiswa. Beberapa mahasiswa berhasil membuat saya tertarik dengan tetap terang-terangan nyontek di depan pengawas.

Secara vulgar langsung saja dia noleh dan mencondongkan badan ke teman yang ada di kanannya, bertanya dengan gerakan bibir yang tidak ditutup-tutupi dan mengangguk-angguk dengan keras setelah dapat jawabannya, plus dengan segera dia menghitamkan bulatan jawabannya. 
Pokoknya gak ada anggun-anggunnya gitu deh nyonteknya XD
Lebih hebat lagi, padahal saat itu saya sedang berdiri dengan jarak sekitar dua bangku darinya dan dia tidak ambil pusing dengan keberadaan saya