Kamis, 30 Juli 2015


Nothing bothers me as much as remembrance of a weird dream.
I was behind the steer, driving my way all alone. On my left was a glass wall, beautiful yet fragile, and I knew, it would be shattered if I happened to hit it just a little bit.
It was dangerous path, yet I rode my way fast, passed through only a few people along the road.
Then I arrived at the end of the glass, and changed vehicle to a motorcycle. The road was not as beautiful as before, and soon I saw at least three paths in front of me.

I choose one closest to me.

The road led to other intersections and I absentmindedly chose one.
Soon, I saw a river blocking the path, then when I gazed up to the rest of the road ahead, I saw many rocks and muds.
Some people around were asking me whether I wanted to continue, while I turned around the motorcycle and left.

I choose another road from the start.

And I realized that the one I chose now contained many ups and down, though the road was perfectly fine with no obstacle.
And, it was very long.
Very very long.

Suddenly, I heard my friend's voice calling me.

I stopped and turned, and I saw her standing on the base of stairs.
She said, the stairs would lead me faster to the place I wanted to reach.
Hesitant but curious, I parked the motorcycle and walked to her, asking if what she said was true.
She smiled, then led me through the stairs, her face is beaming happily.
I took my sweet time looking around at my surrounding.
The scenery was breathtaking, I saw many flowers along the stairs, with some artistic arcs where birds chirped happily.
There on both sides of the stairs were grass land, all green with yellowish streak from the sun.

It was, beautiful.

She was right, it took me only several minutes to reach the top of the stairs.
There stood brightly a house with flowers, as the stairs had led us to its backyard.
She took my hand and guided me inside. The house is clean and comfortable, and not to mention, with beautiful backyard. I made my way around the house and see nothing that disinterested me.

Then I opened the front door, and realized that the house was part of a village. I saw the small road at the front of the house after I slide the front fence.

But, what took all my attention was a motorcycle, parked in the front yard of the house.

It sure stirred my memory that I had had a motorcycle, and I parked it somewhere, far down from this high altitude.
My friend noticed this and told me that she would take care of it, and I did not need to worry.

But I could not erase it.

I felt a sudden urge to go back the stairs and took back my motorcycle then I would ride it here, to this house.
I realized that I wanted my old motorcycle back, not this new one.

But the stairs was no more.

I turned furious.
My friend tried to calm me down but I refused.
I took my phone and scrolled through numbers to find taxis, yet there was no provider available.
I kept scrolling through the number trying to find some help but I could not find it.

I opened my eyes as adzan echoed through my ears.
I found myself back in my bedroom, feeling unbearably tired and worn out.
Memory of this vivid dream came back into my head right after I finished praying.

When I told my mother about this, she laughed a bit and said, "Then, isn't it the answer you were looking for?"

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