Rabu, 21 September 2016

Day 15: Flaws

if I show you my flaws, would you still think that I am 'that' amazing?

Funny, isn't it?
How people define others like that.
We see each other, we are amazed of each other. Isn't it funny?

The real challenge is whether we will be able to accept people 'just the way they are'.

Strictly speaking, there is no way for us to accept people 'just the way they are'.
Trust me, there is no way for that.
As much as you feel like you love unconditionally, your rational mind will still work, more or less.
Everything is reasonable, no matter how small the reason is, no matter how silly the reason is.

When we are amazed, all flaws shrink to the smallest scale possible.
When we are angry, all flaws grow to the biggest scale possible.

Flaws define eternity, I should say.

Flaws define the level of acceptance.

It is not the flaws that we accept from people, it is their superiority from us, combined with our willingness to compensate and be of benefit for each other. If those people are just a bunch of flaws without superiority, trust me there will no NO way for us to accept them.

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