Rabu, 14 September 2016

Day 14: Oars

it always is easier to ignore, than to think of solution.

Yesterday was full of that realization.
It is easier to ignore, pretending like we do not know, than keeping on to think.
Like a lifeguard raft, buoyantly follows the wave, blissfully unaware of whatever else.

Ignorance sure is bliss.

It is a shame that it will not last forever.
One way or another, the waves will die down, and the raft will either come back to the shore, or be lost somewhere in the ocean.
Either way, the life of whatever it is on the raft will be determined.

One way or another, it is the will of the oars that will determine everything.

Will the oars be used to reach back the shore?
Will it be used to get lost to the horizon?
What kind of ignorance do the passenger needs?

Because the waves will keep on coming.
Because the current will keep on aiming.
The oars on the raft will take the passenger to wherever they want to be.

If, they ever want to use them.
If, they choose to determine their own fate, rather than betting their lives on the waves.

If, they ever want to choose.

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