Minggu, 28 Agustus 2016

Day 9: Mirror

on the other side is where it is

Today I learn that a mirror is present in front of me.
And, since I thought it will be very embarrassing, I promptly close my eyes in a milisecond.

If I open these eyes, will I see myself? Will the image be crystal clear?

*feeling unbearably silly for agonizing this over and over this whole day*

This mirror in front of me, I hope it will show me myself. Myself. Myself. Myself. I want it clear. Crystal clear.
I want to touch my fingers on the mirror. I want myself to be reflected with no distortion. I want myself to be there, in the mirror, unbiased.
I want to see me. All the good, all the bad, all the smile, all the frown, all of me, I want to find it, I want to see it.

Let's say that I am so desperate to see it, I am so want to see the image of myself.
Let's say that I am standing in front of the mirror, but still, there is one more cliff to jump to.

Let's say that a little courage is all I need to jump.
Let's say that I am a courageous person.
Then what was I worrying for?
What was I afraid of?
Why did I feel this chill creep up my back?

The mirror is there, at the other side of the cliff.
At the other side of my fear.

And so I gather my will, and jump.

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