Minggu, 21 Agustus 2016

Day 7: Weeks

there are times when you only need seconds to change things, so why not take the risk?

Things that I learned lately is...
... sometimes all we need to take the most risky choice to meet the unexpected turn.

It took me hours to contemplate about it,
minutes to simplify what I should do,
and two seconds to execute it.

And things changed.

Why not take the risk? I asked myself for hours.
The answer was because the risk looked bigger than ever. Time spun, melted many courage, buried many chances, made the ground look as arid as possible.

Given that circumstances, I guess everyone would just be as cautious as I did.

And when event turned, I felt like my jaw ungracefully dropped to the ground.
Oh how He turned everything around.

Not that I'm complaining.

Once I took that one step, literally, I felt like I know what I should do next.
Inwardly, I smiled to myself, reliving the quote that sometimes all we need is a little out-of-ordinary choice, and things will turn around faster than we can imagine.

Sometimes the right moment is just weeks away from where we are standing right now.
And when the time is right, we suddenly have that kind of courage to make choices, take chances, and set things better.

I guess the road is still quite long, but not as long as I saw weeks ago.

There will be several more choices I need to choose ahead, and I realize from the very start that each, each, each, choice, has big impact on every, little, step, that I take.
What kind of crossroads ahead? No one can tell me.

But after so many times, I never thought that moving things around can be this exciting.

May this courage stay forever with me.
So I can bravely proceed forward, and reach the end of this quest.

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