Senin, 15 Agustus 2016

Day 6: Shores

things will become invisible when we only prefer not to see it.

Things that I learn today is:

... that some part of our lives is actually like a tattoo.

How do you see me?
I would like to know, through your eyes, how do you see me?
Fate put me here, entangle me here, bid me from ever going out.
Not that I'm complaining, cause I do love to be here.

Back then at the seashore, I sang a song to the sky.

Oh how the the sands was washed away.
Oh how the waves took my breath away.

I fell, deep, too deep for my sanity to even proceed.

I crawled out and I kept falling for so many times.
Yet I tried, and tried, and tried again.

Though I do have to admit that I fell far too many times than average person.

And I still prevail.

Because it is nothing than my first fall.

I will not say that I am looking for higher climb to fell harder, but I would like to appreciate myself for ever experiencing my first fall.
That time, I climbed so high, the highest of all, and then I fell, and the impact was unfathomable.
It is hard, to be honest,
But it is also how I got my current personality from.

I am who I am because I have experienced it all, every, single, second.

The strength I got from that very first impact was enough to keep me going to find the final summit where I can stay without even think of falling.

Oh how I want Him to give me back my wings, so I can fly, fly higher, higher, and find the last summit.
Oh how I want to fly away from the ground and use my own hand to reach the sky.
Oh how I want to open my eyes and find myself there, on the height that I want to be.

But seashores...
I am still here at the seashore.

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