Minggu, 07 Agustus 2016

Day 4: Heart

it takes an open mind and a big heart to listen without judgement.

What I learned these three days is:

We all have ears to hear.
We all have eyes to see.
We have mind to understand.
We have heart to feel.
We also have hands to pick people up.
We have tongue to state our prayer.

We have lacrimal glands to pour out when we need to.

We have ego to do what must be done.
We have super ego to control what must be done.

We have tradition.
We have expectation.
We have dream.
We have our wish.

We have timeline to follow.
We have biography written by Allah since the very beginning.
We have chance to change destiny.
And we have choices to take every now and then.

We have our ups and downs.
We also have time of weariness.
We have time when we are simply lost without horizon.
But we also have our compass to get back home.
We have Him with us.

We have blessing from Him.
Even when we are having our most difficult time at the moment.
We have blessing from Him.
We have people who hear.
We have people who stay near.
We have people who raise us up.
We have people who help us back to where we should be.
We have people who become our reason to smile.

We have our life.
We have our fair share of uncertainty.
We have our doubt.
But we also have our belief.
We also have our future to unfold.
We still have our breath to catch.
We still have our legs to stand up.
We still have our voice to speak.

We still have us.

And ultimately, we still have Him.
We still have Him driving for us.
We still have Him showing us the way.
We still have Him protecting us from harm.

We still have a heart to keep on believe in Him.

Yes, we still have it.
We have it all.
All that we need to have.
We still have it.

We have it all.

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