Jumat, 12 Agustus 2016

Day 5: Year

nobody can control the flow of time, but many can control their life.

What I have learned this week is:

that things can change dramatically, with or without visible reason.

Time will make the happiest thing become less than happiest, as it also make the saddest thing become less than saddest.
When people come and go from our days, they bring us something to learn, something to pull us out or instead, push us in.

And we will never ever be the same again after a year.

It is Him, who is in full control of you.
It is easy for Him to flip your mind, your belief, your heart.
It is easy for Him to direct your decision.

But then again, that is why we pray, right?

So don't hate too much, don't love too much, don't hope too much, don't wish too much, don't believe too much, don't do anything too much.

Because tomorrow, maybe, just maybe, He flips you around, and you're gonna find yourself somewhere you never thought you would be. Again.

We cannot take away things we said.
We cannot erase away things we did.
But we can learn about what to say, what to do.
We can learn, always learn, to shape the future, to be someone better.

It doesn't matter what kind of past that we have, as long as we still have our breath, it means that we still have all the reason to keep getting better, to fix what we did wrong, all with full understanding that within the hands of time, everything can change.

Yes, everything can change, as long as we keep on walking forward, forward, forward, unbridled by what we have done in the past.

And every year, we will find the new version of ourselves.

I am too, not the same person I was last year.
Even the me on 31 December 2015 is quite different from the me today.

I learned, like, so many things.
And when I found myself back here I just realized that the past me was far too blind to see, too deaf to hear, too cold to understand, all the reason that took me here.
It takes me seven months and a half to finally see it though.
Oh how long it takes.
And it was a far bumpy road, you know? So bumpy that the present me just cannot understand how I went through.

But I also understand that in order to understand one thing, I need to learn, like, a lot.

I was not wasting my time, I guess.
Because I see it now, the value of things I could not see before.

So I take my second chance to set things right.
It is true that I still have my ground shaking every now and then.
And the ghost from the past just cannot completely disappear.
But as long as I keep on walking forward, I think I will find back my courage, bit by bit.

And I have to thank Him, to finally flip me around and put me back here.

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