Senin, 22 Agustus 2016

Day 8: Pitfall

because nothing, no one, is perfect.

What I learn today is...
... that there is no single road that is free from obstacle.

Even the smoothest road has its pitfalls, here and there.

Nothing is perfect.

But then again, by meeting the pitfalls, we learn to become better.
That's why mistakes are not to be repeated.
If we have to make mistakes, make new mistakes instead.

Mistakes make us alive. It is a part of growing up.

I guess I do make many many mistakes during this one month and a half :p
Do I grow up?
Yep, at many many aspects in my life.

I did repeat several of my mistakes, like silly kid, haha, but then again, I enjoyed it all.
Well okay, not all, since some were very unpleasant, but most of them were enjoyable. Literally.
Had I always been right, I would not learn anything.

I had my pitfalls like walking on the road struck by meteor storm.
Still, I am happy with the way it is right now.

In the end, I can easily turn around and say hello to my previous, with no regret.

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