Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

Post Exam Syndrome?!

At the time when all exams are gone for a while, right after enormous struggling weeks, what are we supposed to do?

Yep, time to refresh our mind!!!

But somehow -I don’t know why, even I have no idea why this thing may exist- there’s something I called post exam syndrome:

There goes when I suddenly awake from my sleep, take a look harshly at the clock, worrying about “Hey!! I haven’t study for the exam!!” before I realize how stupid I am at that time.

Another moment, in the joyful playing-game-time suddenly I am surprised by how late it is by staring at the clock with no blink, blaming myself for spending so many time to play when I should prepare myself for the exam, and soon I laugh at myself for being so silly.

Those happened so many times since the last day of exam anyway...

OMG!! The exams have ALREADY DONE!!!!
I can’t believe I must concern myself over and over for it!

I have done anything to refresh my mind. I have tried to give my brain a break since it has yelled me to stop since three weeks ago. At that time I forced myself -my brain- to think that it had not over yet, that I still had so many exams to do.

Then this unintended term came! I still laugh at myself for being so stuck on exams!!

Actually soon after that last exam I let myself drowning inside my hobbies. I played keyboards, I learned new songs, I drew new objects and people, I listened to my favorite music, I went out of the city, I continued my suspended games even started virtual pets, I wrote my dreams –just like what I used to do to test my precognitive side ^ ^-, I wrote new stories, and else and else and else... but it seems I’m still stuck thinking about “What’s the next exam?! Have I prepared myself?!”

Okay, normal students won’t do that –everyone likes holidays- ... and trust me, this is my first time for being like this!!

Some people said I was too stressful along the exam weeks, so that’s why I can’t cut it off in a sudden. Maybe that’s right, but I don’t really think that it’s 100% true because I don’t have that habit... I almost never think so serious about life, I like to let it flows and watch it carefully. Or maybe I have been too careful so it comes to a dead end and I can’t find the way out...

Supposed to be like that...

Argh!! Whatever!!!
I just hope to find a way to relieve my mind SOON... It’s exhausting!!

Thinking about “why did I write this in English?”
How can I do that?
That’s because my brain hasn’t stop thinking yet!!! It’s still forced me wandering around!!
But trust me...

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