Sabtu, 15 Juli 2017

The Moment of Truth

July is the month of conclusion.

These two weeks meant so much to me.
From unraveling the almost-unbearable truth, all the way to being hospitalized.

God probably sent me to the hospital to let me sort my mind out.
Because I was simply unable to think straight just like usual.
Because I was simply annoyed by the very simple words from others.

Because basically, I was not as composed as I'd like to show the world.

Ah... how did I fail to comprehend? How could I let it slip between my fingers?
How could I become so defenseless?
Now that I think about it, I should have cast the most powerful spell and incinerate it all before it burned me.
Yet, I hesitated.
I ignored my first revelation and went blindly.
And rushed to the wall.
Slammed my head on the process.

Haha, how silly.
I didn't die though I suffered the damage a great deal.

Then, I guess God wrapped me up somewhere far to let me calm down.

I wonder, after being desolated from the world for a week, how does this world fare?
Has this world patch itself up?
I didn't even surprised to find myself being distracted after the critical time passed by.
Yet, I found myself surprisingly holding up well.
My mind went to remember things I wish I forgot, but I didn't feel anything painful.

I reached the conclusion that I will let this world decide what it wants to do for me.

I know, with me being hospitalized, some people would definitely said that it was a pity, being curled up as patient whereas others were having happy party.
I realize it that much.
Some of them will continue pitying me.

But then again,
I come this far by ignoring most people I met along the way and I keep pressing through the goals.
Now that I have one less luggage to carry on, I can concentrate to leap upward and reach more stars.
No matter how hard it may seem to others, if I have survived it the first time, then I will survive again this time.
And I'll definitely grow up to be someone braver and more formidable.
Not because I want to show the world.
Not because I want to get some revenge.
But because now, as I stand on the path cleared of fog, I see it all.
I see all the possibilities ahead of me.
All the things, good things, waiting to be reached.

One day, I'll look back to who I am today and be proud of myself.

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