Minggu, 09 Juli 2017

The Unstoppable Me

Is there anybody who can stop me?

My mother sighed when she knew I took the shower pad off the wall and used it to rinse my hair.
I did it all by myself, and I was still wobbly from my last fever.

Before the event, I asked her whether I should wash my hair but she strictly said no. But of course, I felt itch there and I couldn't just go to bed again without washing my hair.

I understood that she didn't want me to get contact with water before I fully recover.
But it didn't mean I could stop trying.

So I braced myself and took a chair from the kitchen, opened the bathroom door wide and climbed up, released the shower pad from the wall.
My brother came in rush, and I simply said that I just wanted to wash my hair.
From my peripheral hearing, I could hear my brother talked to my parents afterwards but thankfully, nobody stopped me.

So after successfully washed my hair without wetting my trunk, I climbed back and put the shower pad back on the wall.
And... finally, my head felt lighter! *contented sigh*

Then I remember how my mother used to say to me:
"When you want something, you become unstoppable by anyone but yourself. You won't change your mind and you challenge those who try to change you. That's how strong-willed you are,"

And through this little farce, once again I prove that even sickness could not hold me down for getting my hair washed.

Though I like being beta, I guess I was born an alpha.

4 komentar:

  1. itulah Sienraa hehehe..kdng kepala batu jg perlu sih.

    mg cpt sembuh y

    1. Alhamdulillah setelah beberapa hari kolaps akhirnya sembuh :D

  2. Ck ck ck, ternyata selain kepalanya keras (????), seorang Sienraa juga keras kepala ya? #gelenggeleng

    1. Lho kan mempergunakan sesuai konsistensinya, hohohoho XD


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