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The Mid-Year Kaleidoscope: You Won't See The Real Me

I am still as much as I used to be, or maybe more?
(Answering things being asked to me about my blogpost)

Who am I?

Err... I'm a... minuscule part of the universe.
I am a woman (as you may think), a friend, a family, a medschool junior lecturer, a microbiologist, an ENTP, a 7th Enneagram-ist, space enthusiast, and a mage (at least in Habitica).

If you check my twitter @siennra, you won't find this information useful because I used to abandon that account :p
Honestly I began to use my twitter again about two or three months ago. I won't say that I'm an avid twitter user by now, but I do activate the notification.
If you check my facebook @Siwi Irmawanti, you'll find even less information than twitter because I still abandon that acount :')

One of my striking feature (according to many of my friends) is that I don't do much in facebook, despite my still-averagely-young age.
Reason? Because lots of my friends (and I believe, many other people which are not my friends) have tendency to post something which falls into my 'so-what?' category.
But I still open my fb account, like once or twice per year, so if you want to connect to me via facebook, don't worry, I'll read your message, somehow.


Why did you make this blog?

No reason. I happened to make this blog back then on 2007 or 2008, when I was still a medschool student. This blog has undergone cycle of abandonment and reactivation throughout the year, but since 2012, I write here every now and then.


Your blog seems gloomy. Are you a sad person?

Hmmm, I might seem like one for people who never met me in reality.
It's basically my fault that I posted many of my 'growing up' posts here which talked about self reflection, overcoming sadness, etc.
Especially the tag #thefinalquest which is full of things like that.

I seemed to write better when I'm under pressure.
What do I write? Usually something that is very related to the pressure or something that has no relation to the pressure whatsoever.
My mind tends to be going haywire when writing, so you can expect me to write something out of the blue, out of reality, out of the world (lol) like the post tagged with #dragonify.

But no, I'm not a sad person. Come on, do you seriously think that someone with ENTP and Type 7 Enneagram will be so blue?
(Though blue is indeed my favorite color)


What is #dragonify?

Ah, it's basically me experimenting with my imagination.
I've done this many times, and I recalled two major experiment has been conducted before this. At least three minor projects have been abandoned because I concluded them too cheesy to be continued.
One experiment is named 'White's Saga', a journey throughout the universe of someone from White Clan. This experiment has been conducted for at least ten years and I still reviewing many of its timeline.
Another experiment is named 'Aria", the journey of Aria to find the definite answer from her childhood question. This experiment started around 2009 and I put it into hiatus because I have some difficulties to find the appropriate ending.

The #dragonify is the starting point of my newest experiment, namely 'The Mage and The Dragon', of which I unleash my imagination as a mage (I did tell you I am a mage, huh? lol), telling a story about a lost mage which was followed around by a dragon.

Will I publish that stories?
Haha, no. At least no, for now.
I write those story simply to exercise my mind, unravel it from the routine that has tendency to screw me up.
Inside those stories is particles of myself, my personality, twist of my experience, my hope and my growing up phase.
Well, we always grow up, mentally I mean, no matter how old we are.


You said you don't like pink despite the fact that you are a woman.

Yes. I will answer this in the next post.


To sum it up, like I said, this blog is random.
You won't see the real me within this blog, not the twitter too, not the facebook too, not everywhere.
I have so many personas inside of me, so many sides and so many personifications (not altered personalities, mind you) and I can change whichever I want to show it up in different occasions.

I am, like you, like everyone, would not be able to be understood within social media, no matter how much we try to show ourselves off, because our soul is much more complex entity that no media can make others fully understand.

So, anyway, even in this age, I am still only understandable by being by my side :)

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