Kamis, 15 Juni 2017


if my life is gamified, then I'd be fighting a dragon right now.

The Mage and The Dragon (part 1)

Battered like no others, with no magical power or potion to heal myself, I laid on the ground, face down, panting like crazy as I took the final blow of the dragon in front of me.
The fire and the claws, ripped through my last defense spells and hit me with no longer adequate protection.
The fight has been so long, for as long as I can remember, and despite all the spells I chanted, all the moves I performed, the dragon is there, standing tall.

And then the sky fell on me.

The water of the sky dropped on my form, I could feel the chilliness seep into my wound, and I expected it to hurt me more.
But as it chilled me, I could feel it healed me instead.

The wounds patched themselves as I laid there in wonder.

The fatigue was still there though.

I ran out of energy to even raise my head.

So slowly, like eternity, I tilted my head to look at the dragon, which stood there with still-calculating expression.
Its eyes bored on to my almost-lifeless form, and I found myself hating the fact that indeed I see a tiny bit of pity inside it.
I came here to slay the dragon, with reason that I didn't even remember, but as long as I can remember, I have been fighting it for who knows how long. But that's why this dragon should never show me those expression hidden beneath its fiery eyes.

Funny, while most fighters would be hoping for the dragon to spare himself, I found myself reluctant to accept the fact that I was there, unable to move at all.
I dislike the possibility that the dragon was probably pitying me.

The rain still dropped, even heavier, and the soil where I looked up started to be too wet for my own liking.

But I could not hate the fact that the heavier the rain, the faster my wound healed.

So I close my eyes, swallow whatever stinging pain that resided very closely to where my heart was (fortunately still) beating and concentrate on the situation at hand. My mind reeled up to the very one conclusion:

I have to defeat the dragon.

Even without memory of why I was fighting this mighty creature, I knew, I believed, I remembered, that one way or another, I have to defeat the dragon.

...to be continued.

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