Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Day 22: Future

where will this lead me?

Spending a day at one of my used-to-be-dreamed place, I realize one thing: what is it exactly that I want to be in the future? 

I want to be so many things in the future.
I want to reach many destinations in the future.
I want to come to many places in the future.

I have millions of dream waiting to be made real.

But which one, which dream, do I really have to make real?

Today, once again I was reminded that the world is so vast. Very, very, vast. So many people shine so bright. So many things that I did not know. So many things I can get to know. So many things I can unravel...

So many opportunities out here, far away from home.

I used to dream about this, where I fly away from where I grew up, on a place when I can make every corner of my dream real.
I mean, I have so many things in my head which roll so fast endlessly.
My mind is like a set of unstoppable clockwork, producing many plans, dreams, wishes, thoughts. It never stops having ideas. It never stops dreaming. It never stops swirling.

I love myself for that, but I also confuse myself with that.

Maybe I simply think too much.

But no,
My life is shifting, though I do not quite understand which way it goes.

I have these many things battling for dominance inside my head, forcing me to make decision on what I exactly want in my future.
I can quite sense that whatever decision I make, whichever path I take, will affect me forever.
There will be no going back.

I want to ask you anyway,
What kind of future do you want to have?

Oh well, I do think too much.
Maybe I should go with what I feel is right, rather than what I think is right.

Yeah... maybe.

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