Minggu, 30 Oktober 2016

Day 20: Name

because name it what signifies us the most,

Yesterday is a day unlike any other, because yesterday was the very first time I heard it.
I heard it, I heard it when my name was called.

For the first time after two years.

For so long, I guess, pronouncing my name is a lost cause, but yesterday, just yesterday when I really, finally, heard it, I could not believe how happy I was.
And I still cannot believe it.
At the silliest part of my brain, I guess, I gave up any hope that my name would ever be pronounced.

I stare at my palm, many many times after that, and I guess one part of the wall has been crumbled down.
As I listen to the sound of falling rain, I cannot help but smile, a lot.

As I thought, I was right, I really praised my courage to swallow both my pride and overthinking part and broke through the wall to take what I should have taken, since long ago.
The world will not believe how many times I play that scene over and over again.

I have calmed down a lot since yesterday, though, I still have this smile I had when I remember how my name was voiced.
Then that smile turns into question: will I ever hear it again?

Only Allah can say.

But I have done my part, and I believe that Allah will also do His part.

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  1. Setelah penantian dua tahun?
    Apa sih? Gue kepo deh....

    1. hmmm... sbenernya saya-nya ndak menanti sih... ehehehe :p


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