Senin, 29 Desember 2014

Worst Thing of the Year

... is ... ... being lied to.

Makes you unable to trust the person again, no matter how hard you try.
A little lie is fine and can be overlooked, but a big fat lie is out of question.

Why would people lie?
The answer is to protect something, or, someone, or, themselves.

As the time flows, forgiveness will come for sure.
But there is a crack in the trust that is unrepairable.
A crack that hinders further trust.
A crack that blurs all generousity ever happened.

There is nothing ever more vexing than being unable to trust someone you used to trust with all your heart.

I'm not being naive here. Everyone, you and me, must have at least one person we really trust.
When they can become our biggest strength, they also pose as our biggest pitfall.
Still, as human, we trust others, accidentally or not.

People hurt because they wish upon their trust.
When a big fat lie reveals itself, for me, it is the worst moment.

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