Minggu, 12 Februari 2012


"it's better left unsaid,"

how many times people had to swallow this kind of words?
is it alright to left everything bottled inside?
will we never regret it even once?

'explanation', is sometimes so complicated we never found a way to do it right,i
but, everything that was left unsaid will be a forever burden, whether acknowledged or not,

'explanation' might yet be very simple,
it might be so downright silly, or maybe embarassing, or disappointing, or, upsetting,
but it worth a truth to be spoken,
it worth a reality to be revealed,
it worth a reason behind an action,
it worth more than fear,

you might never be understood,
or you might even be blamed,
but still, just explain,
make them hear what you want them to know,

judging from my experience,
you can make someone feel respected just by giving them an explanation,

at least you try,
at least you've tried to make an explanation,
rather than letting everything left unsaid,
rather than pretending like you feel nothing,
rather than running away,
why don't you explain?
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