Senin, 09 Januari 2012

I am Indonesian, and I'm PROUD

I am Indonesian,
and i am proud to be Indonesian,

I was born here, in Indonesia, at the small city called Kediri,
I grew up in that city, engulfing the art of Javanese and I'm PROUD of it,
I also grew up later in Yogyakarta, learning many sorts of Javanese stuff,

Indonesian is my primary language, and I'm PROUD of it,
I learned English and Japanese too, but still, Indonesian is my primary language, along with Javanese as my mother language,
I might sometimes speak in English, using words or sentences in Japanese, or writing not in my beloved language here but i never have any intention to love any other language more than i love Indonesian,

my country is not perfect,
everyone knows that,
and maybe some people are looking down at us too,
but it doesn't matter for me,
I love my country, Indonesia, and I'm PROUD of it,

I might leave this country to continue my study abroad,
but for me, the place i will be working is only here, in Indonesia, and I'm PROUD of it,

you ask me why?
why am i PROUD of Indonesia?
well after all, this is my country,
this is the place where i grew up,
this is the place where people i love live,
this is the place where i am needed,
this is the place where it's me, along with the young generation, who have the ability to make it grow, to make it better,
not just ability, more to a duty, for me, for every young generation,

sometimes when idealism strikes me, finding no place to realize it in this country, i might be upset,
sometimes I am asking myself why should i born here, not in the more developed country,
but then again,
it's a fate,
and there has to be something i can do to develop this country,
when my idealism is going nowhere, maybe i can create a new way to make it real, one day,

nothing is impossible, though maybe nothing is always easy,
so does this country,
I am 23 years old right now, and i know already, i have the obligation to do something helpful for this country,
I, along with my generation,

I am PROUD to be Indonesian,
I never seriously regret for being born in this country,
this country needs me, as it needs my generation,
and all i can do is to do my best,
never give up,
and keep believing, that I, along with my generation, will be able to make this country better,

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