Kamis, 05 Mei 2016

28th Remembrance

"some questions are unanswerable no matter how much you think about it, so you can only let time takes its role to answer it," (my brother, 4 May 2016)

"you know, things fated to be yours will be yours, so try, but don't gamble," (my mother, 2016)

"maybe you will forget what you're saying, but some people will forever be saved by that," (my father, 2015)

"I believe the time when you find all those answers is not far, you just need to believe in it," (my workmate, 31 December 2015)

"we love your determination, for never giving up no matter how many times you fail, it inspires me, it inspires us," (my workmate, 2016)

"there is no absolute right answer in this world, we are opt to make mistake every now and then, so the most important thing is what you will do after that," ('patrick', 2014)

"it's funny, I was crying when you were hurt, because I could imagine how painful you must feel, but there you endured it and consoled me instead. I don't know whether you are very strong or simply ignoring your feeling, but anytime you do need someone, I will be there," (my workmate, 2014)

"it is better to believe and try then fail, rather than regretting myself for doing nothing," (siennra, 2012)

"some things will turn out differently, but you will be alright, I bet on it," (my coass-soulmate, 2011)

"no matter how big your question is, just remember that there is a bigger, much bigger, entity in this universe who can help you find the answer, so, you can always asks Him, anytime," ('krab', 2009)

"you should learn not to be so hard on yourself. you're strong, and we love you for it, but will you ever trust us to see your weakness too?" ('squidward', 2009)

"why couldn't you believe in yourself more? you can easily win many things, you know?" ('spongebob', 2010)

I feel blessed, and that is enough to move me to tears :')

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