Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

Ten Years with You

How come, just how come we’re still able to do all the same silly things like when we’re ten years younger?
So this is a tribute for you, let’s count it as anniversary for knowing each other for ten years.

Ten years, you know, ten years.
We’ve been fooling around for ten years!
Can you mention again how old we are right now? LOL
Something has been bugging my mind since the last time we met and laughed equally hard while watching a drama of father and son partnership, then drooling over a samurai movie.

Yes yes, you’re drooling, I was not.
(then a blade is flying together with a frying pan)

Do you still remember how we met?
Yep, right at the gazebo in front of our beloved Grima. That’s the very first time I found a girl with same otaku-brain as me, LOL XD
The very first thing that made us friends?
Yes I still remember how we laughed our head off because we found out that we watched the same TV- show every Sunday morning. Tribute to Faiz.

Sure, since we found out that weird similarity, we never stop goofing around together.
Sure, we were on different majors at that time but we have Grima to meet everyone.
Every little time we spent in Grima was irreplaceable; it is the symbol of our youth.
We laughed, we cried, we quarreled, just there, and there you were, always there, being one of the best partner in crime I have ever had.
We argued, from the most logical thing, to the silliest thing.

You always laughed, you always smiled.

And you are one of two with ability to talk to me with four languages simultaneously: English, Japanese, Indonesian and Javanese.

I like you the most for being non-judgmental to me.
You always asked me for reasons, and, you saw me through every façade I put on my face.
I never afraid to tell you anything, because I know, you never judge.
Even at the most confusing days in my life, you never judge, you simply told me the meaning of having choices and let me choose.

Remember your comment back then in April 2014?
It stuck in my mind, and gave me a great understanding that the most important thing is not about choices, but how we live the choices.
That time, people came to me saying yes or no with all reasonable reasons that sent me into spinning headache, but you… you gave me courage to choose.
You never knew how much it meant to me.
Even though you were so far away from me, you supported me just the way you always did and do.

The most delicious chocolate bar I got from you was the one on early February 2012, when I was in the middle of my torn mind after losing the battle.
I could never count how much tears I shed at that time, but you laughed at me for being too stubborn in keeping my guard up, yet you said that it was so ‘me’.
At that time, I was so glad that you came and hear me out, letting me pour everything left inside my head before I learned to move on.
You are one of very few happened to understand why it was so difficult for me to accept the fact.
Yet, still, you didn’t judge.
Sure people would say that I seemed to overestimate 2012, but you are one of some that really knew what really happened, how terrible I really felt, and how much desperation I swallowed for being unable to speak up.
You just know how 2012 happened to be the most difficult year for me, and that all the memories happened in that year marked the changes in my personality.

You are one of very few allowed to see me crying so far.

Back then to the early 2012, you were the one who stirred my courage to speak up what’s inside my mind, even though my time has ran out, even though nothing would ever change if I did speak, even though time would not reel back if I cried my blood out.
You simply said that I had to speak for the unspoken truth to relieve the burden inside me.
Because I knew and I believed that you would be there to support me in case something bad happened, I gained my courage to be honest and speak, for the very first and very last time.

You know, things happened so fast afterwards, with me finding out how much pain I caused by telling the truth, but…

But I know today, that’s the very best decision I could make regarding that matter.
I’m glad I spoke up.
You supported me throughout 2012 and that’s just very meaningful for me.
Well, okay, a lot of things we went through were very meaningful, but nothing beats the endless support you gave me that year.

Afterwards, you are one of very few who understand the fact that I hate the city I love the most, yet I cannot bring myself to stop going there.
(and now I am announcing this fact to the world, LOL)

With you I realize that ‘friend’ is not a cheesy piece of word.
It is real.
Even after these years, you still prove it.

Pat, I am glad that we’re friends.
I am glad that we met at that day as two silly juniors who fancied the same person back then in the college. Okay to be exact, you fancied first and I needed two more years to realize that, LOL :D
All the differences and similarities between us have made us friends like today.
I am grateful that you are the Pat and I am the San, to the point that sometimes we forget our real names.

To the point that sometimes our surrounding people also forget our real names.

Oh do you still remember when we met on the back of the hospital?
I was glad that at I remember your real name and did not shout to you as ‘Pat!’ LOL
(… it was not me who realized your presence at that time you know?)

De, iro iro arigato ne.

Kyoo kara zutto, nakayokushirou yo :)

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  1. You are a girl with photographic memory, Siwi. Yo could remember details. :)

    Keep writing, Siwi :D


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