Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

It is me talking about love

I have no right to speak of love,
But then again I was convinced of one thing.

The blindness in love is not about loving with no reason, is not about sacrificing all with no reason, is not about leaving anything behind with no reason.
The blindness in love is not about trying to drive all other people away from our beloved.
The blindness in love is not only about keeping our beloved close to us for whatever reason.

The blindness is about understanding.

The blindness is thinking about our beloved's happiness better than ours.
The blindness is feeling happy when our beloved is happy, though we might not be a part of their happiness.
The blindness is feeling content when our beloved acsend their life skillfully, though we may not be a part of their struggle.

The blindness is still knowing our beloved's good sides through all bad things ever happen.

If you are only thinking of yourself, your safety, or your ego before your beloved, then you are not blind. You are not in love, you're just being selfish.

No, not shellfish, selfish.

Not all beautiful times remain beautiful.
But the remaining ones were the ones which made us grow into better ones.

PS. I am not in love today, but I love watching every movement around me.

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