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Quest 7: unBEARable

Welcome to the House of the unBEARables!

This is the tail of the bears. Since this is just a tail, you can choose to follow the tail and believe it, or not. Well, once upon a time, there is a chivalrous knight named Exazio which befriends a laid back wizard named Cromag. Both of them like bear for its unbearably strange features. Together they formed a guild and Cromag made Exazio step up as the compulsory guild master.

Bear 1: Exazio (hybrid - damage-per-second knight)

Not only being the one who stated the idea of forming a guild, Exazio was the one who first came up with the idea of the guild name. He serves as the guildmaster and one of the main attackers in the guild. Exazio used to specialize in attack and not too much in defense, but recently the comeback of Zegro inspires him to pursue the path of defender. Being the most dynamic person, he levels up faster than anyone in the guild. He catches up with Zegro in term of defense without sacrificing too much offensive power. Exazio is currently the knight in the guild with highest offensive power and only second to Zegro in term of defense. With this advanced skill, Exazio excels at both solo fighting and in party. Cromag calls him ‘the bearmaster’, which is then followed by other guildsmen.
Theme song: 200 Miles  

Bear 2: Cromag (fire - wind wizard)

Cromag was the first guildsman of the guild. He specializes in fire elements and has high ability of magic among people of his level. He is the first guild member to ever reach 1000+ offensive powers. This greatness is greatly compensated with his terrifying defense, even though Cromag has actually mastered the art of defense for wizards. Cromag is blessed with high luck in upgrading his own magical weapon to boost his magic power, which made Exazio frequently states him as ‘troublesome magic bear’. He likes to help the guild apprentices more than leveling up by his own. Bluefeather often said that he used to have blue hair, which turned red after he started to study fire magic. True or not, Cromag himself never confirms.
Theme song: Shooting Star  

Bear 3: Zegro (hybrid knight)

Almost contrary to Exazio who specializes as attacker, Zegro serves a role of both attacker and defender. He has both high defense and high attack power, though his attack is not as high as the guildmaster. Zegro has the highest survivability rate among the guildsmen due to his balance hybrid skills. He used to stay back and let the other surpassed him but recently he got back his title as the number one defender of the guild by surpassing most guildsmen in term of both defensive and offensive power. He has mature aura around him which makes many apprentices like his guidance. Still, as a member of the guild, he shows ability to blend into pranks and quarrels with the youngsters.
Theme song: Happy People  

Bear 4: Ermira (katar – damage-per-second assassin)

She was the first female to join the guild. Though she easily befriended Bluefeather who joined afterwards, Ermira likes to venture on her own. Ermira is third in line after Cromag and Zalbard in term of offensive power. She is frequently compared to Furato in term of girlish action and thus made the two easily clashes with each other. Despite of her demeanor, Ermira excels in wielding deadly weapons, and sometimes scares away people with her cunning outer persona. So far she is the only katar user between assassins of the guild. 
Theme song: Life    

Bear 5: Zalbard (water - wind wizard)

As a lone wizard, it took some time for him to warm up to other guildsmen. Wielding high magic power inside him (Cromag even stated that one day Zalbard’s magic power would be the highest in the guild), he has unbearable courage to venture the world even without a healer by his side. He mastered the art of ice and wind, also high magic recovery skill after casting one. Zalbard talks a little and prefers to listen when his guildsmen chat, but once insulted, he will literally send unbearable chills to the talker. Exazio states that Zalbard is the AB blood of the guild, which explains his ‘special’ nature.
Theme song: Ain’t Nobody Can Hold Me Down  

Bear 6: Icearth (water - earth magician)

Looking up to Cromag, Icearth followed him around (Cromag failed to realize until much later) and then became his disciple (after Cromag finally realize that he had an admirer). Contrary to his tutor, Icearth choose to master water element, which often made Exazio questioned him for his tutor preference. Icearth soon befriended Elore who joined the guild afterwards. Actually, Icearth claims himself as the laziest in guild (which Exazio and Cromag instantly agreed) and he is unbearably proud of it, because like ice, he likes to stay silent and unmoved (but is easily melted, Cromag says).
Theme song: A Day Dreaming    

Bear 7: Bluefeather (support priest)

Being one of the main healers of the guild, Bluefeather frequently tags along with the other guildsmen. She has special concern for magic users like her twin, Cromag, thus makes her willingly help them during her journeys. Blue joined the guild as a mere acolyte long after her brother joined it, but she leveled up unbearably faster than him. She was previously a battle acolyte, thus her magic power is not anywhere near Cromag, but she makes it up by mastering many other skills which are helpful to her guildsmen. Over time, she develops a habit to collect frying pans from certain monsters, which she says to be useful for knocking annoying people out.
Theme song: Burn     

Bear 8: CarlCJohnson (hybrid - defender knight)

Nicknamed as Carl, he is one of main defenders of the guild. Like Zegro, he is a hybrid, but dedicated himself to defense more than offensive. He was invited personally by Exazio. Carl had combination of Zalbard and Icearth’s personalities which is sometimes unbearably confusing for the guildsmen. Carl used to be the one with highest defense among the guildsmen until Zegro successfully surpassed him again after the comeback. He is currently trying to gain back his title as number one defender of the guild. Though he sees Zegro as somewhat-a-rival, those two are seen in training together frequently. Cromag often said that Carl might be a tough rival for Exazio if he kept training in defense section.
Theme song: Luminous Sword  

Bear 9: Elore (earth - wind magician)

This young mage holds ability to cast earth element magic. Calm and reserved, Elore has a wise aura around him despite of his young age. As an apprentice of the guild, he often tags along with his seniors to gain experience. His calm aura is usually scattered by Exazio’s cheerful nature which frequently made Elore think that his guild master is the real unbearable one between all guildsmen. At first glance, no one would ever suspect him as Furato’s big brother because of their opposite attitude. Like his main element, Elore is the most down to earth and the most ‘normal’ person in the guild. His innocence won Zalbard’s will to guide him mastering wind element.
Theme song: Return to Innocence  

Bear 10: SkyDrill (dagger – damage-per-second assassin)

SkyDrill is currently the swiftest attacker of the guild, even swifter than both Exazio and Ermira. She excels in both solo and team battle, although like Ermira, she usually ventures on her own. Sky also excels in strategy making, to compensate her rather low defense. Unlike Ermira, Sky is a rather quiet and reserved person, but she still willingly takes part in any weird activities the guild unbearably has. Sky grows close to Blue due to their similar favorite colors, which is obviously, blue. She has a salamander pet which breathed fire, which Ermira often states as ‘not for a girl’. Sky herself never takes Ermira’s comment into account.
Theme song: Sky’s The Limit  

Bear 11: Furato (support priest)

This brilliant young healer was tutored by Bluefeather during her earlier days in guild. Furato was the youngest in the guild until Litenite and Syrenns joined late afterward. Unlike Blue who started up as battle acolyte, Furato was a support acolyte from the very beginning, thus her basic healing power is currently the highest in the guild. She has feminine attitude which was comparable to Ermira and often gets into argument with her (Blue and Sky will serve as peacemaker when they started). She never fails to light up the mood in the guild, her own way, especially during the monetary crisis in Valhalla which made every single price rocketed up. She takes a liking of her former tutor’s twin brother and frequently seen to tag along with him during various quests.
Theme song: I Wish  

Bear 12: Affario (defender knight)

This young knight admired Exazio to the max and he declared to join Exazio’s guild no matter what happened. He used to stalk the said guildmaster whenever he was online until one day Exazio had enough of his stalking and ended up inviting him to join the guild. This youngest knight never seems to keep silent and always on the move, usually becomes the one who starts the ruckus in the guild. Despite of his ‘prankful’ nature, Affario takes other knights’ guidance seriously. Unlike both Carl and Zegro, Affario dedicates himself fully as defender and currently the knight with highest regen in the guild. Recently, Affario proves his determination by surpassing most guildsmen in term of level, despite of being a 'junior'.
Theme song: Boys Be Ambitious!  

Bear 13: Litenite (support priest)

Taking Furato’s former place as the youngest in the guild, Litenite was previously a battle acolyte. Bluefeather guides her from time to time and eventually, Litenite chose to follow Blue’s step to become support priest. She is far from spoiled, and actually a bit reckless, a trait that makes her the perfect partner in crime of Affario. She is usually seen tagging along with the young knight during their journey. She insists to call Cromag as ‘uncle’ regardless of calling Blue as ‘Big sis’, because she does not believe that those two are twin.
Theme song: Everything at Once  

Bear 14: Syrenns (dagger - lurer assassin)

This young assassin is Litenite’s identical twin, thus she also shares the position of the youngest member of the guild. Exactly like her twin, Syrenns maintains her childlike nature inside her. Together with Affario and Litenite, the three of them usually team up as ‘youngest-in-the-guild-trio’. She looks up to Ermira and SkyDrill, though unlike them, Syrenns focused more in flee other than attack. She is seen together in an inseparable way with Litenite frequently though lately, like both other assassins, Syrenns starts to venture alone from time to time. The other guildsmen conclude that assassins have their unique way as a solo fighter.
Theme song: Brave  

Bear 15: Divfa (battle priest)

She used to be a lone battler and continued to be one even after joining the guild. Admitting that she is older than both Litenite and Syrenns, this priest is the newest member and also currently the only battle priest in the guild. She refuses to accompany any attacker like wizards and battle knight like Exazio because Divfa excels more in melee combat than being a support. Plus, she does not like to stand behind them. Between the guildsmen, Divfa is a wallflower and chooses to watch than being involved in the guild’s unbearable pranks and quarrels. Her cool and straightforward nature is sometimes intimidating, but Cromag frequently says that one day she will just become exactly as weird as the other guildsmen.
Theme song: Titanium  

Be humble and unbearably awesome.
No guildsman in unBEARable is ruby user. The only way we get rubies is through Daily Spin or Abyss Dungeon. We have made commitment to keep our daily play 100% free. We do not have ambition to be the best, but we do aim for fun experience during our play. Regardless, there is no such phrase like ‘giving up’ in our dictionary. We survive together as a family of unbearable people.


Days of the unBEARables:
Pretty Cartoon
Blue      : I think Ermira is the prettiest girl in the guild…
Zegro    : How come you call someone with cartoon face like that ‘pretty’?
Carl       : Yeah look, the eyes are like strips, no blink, no nose, no lips, and that is… ‘pretty’?
Blue      : But look at her hair, it is long and it looks sweet!
Zegro    : (exchange looks with Carl) is it…?
Carl       : Means that someone with short hair like someone here is not ‘pretty’…
Blue      : … (the wrath of frying pan)…

Days of the unBEARables:
Peco-Peco of the Me
Cromag : Now this is the speed of the Peco-Peco of the wiz!
Exa        : It’s Peco-Peco of the knight!
Cromag : Not fair! I’m a wiz!
Exa        : Who cares, it’s ‘of the knight’!
Cromag : No, the wiz!
Exa        : The knight!
Cromag : The wiz!
Exa        : The knight!
Cromag : Wiz!
Exa        : Knight!
… (then the pvp starts)…

Days of the unBEARables:
Noses of Defenders
Affa       : I challenge you into duel!
Zegro    : You called it pvp, kid!
Sky        : Then I’ll be the judge! Begin!
… (2 minutes later, the pvp has not ended yet)…
Sky        : Guys… Finish it! It’s been two minutes!
Affa       : No, we use basic attack only.
Zegro    : Yes, no skill!
Sky        : What? Why?
Zegro    : Girls won’t understand.
Affa       : Yeah.
Sky        : #swt
… (2 minutes later again, the pvp has not ended yet)…
Sky        : Oh come on! I am bored already!
Zegro    : Blame him! His regen is unbearable!
Affa       : What? Me? His defense is unbearable!
… (2 minutes later again, the pvp ends after Zegro uses Fatal Blow)
Affa       : Hey! What the! You can’t use skill!
Zegro    : Sorry, my nose is very itchy I need to end this soon
Affa       : You don’t have a nose! Duel again!
Zegro    : The real me HAS NOSE! And I told you we call it pvp!
… (then the pvp starts again after Zegro scratches his nose)…
Sky        : I’m going home…

Days of the unBEARables:
Twin’s Hair
Lite        : So you’re Blue big sis’ twin?
Cromag  : Yep
Lite        : No way! Your hair is not blue!
Cromag  : Should twin have same hair too?
Lite        : Yes, like me and Syrenns
Cromag  : But Syrenns’ hair grows like dogs and yours not—
Syrenns  : THAT’S ANUBIS HELM, uncle Crom!

Days of the unBEARables:
Valor Sallet S
Zalbard  : Why should you use the mask?
Exa        : Hmm... higher attack and defense with this mask  
Zalbard  : It reminds me of—
Exa        : Ultraman? Many people call me that—
Zalbard  : No, Anpanman, the one who said ‘If you’re hungry, eat my face,’
Exa        : …

Days of the unBEARables:
Duck’s Good Luck
Fura       : The newest mount is cute!
Exa        : You mean the duck?
Fura       : Yeah, it’s cute! Sometimes I really want it…
Exa        : Well… good luck with that…
Fura       : But…  I have no diamonds to buy it #sob
Exa        : Well… glue duck with that…
Fura       : Huh? What duck?
Cromag : It is a sound when you drop something, gludak! 

--when life gives you ups and down, shake it with lefts and rights, combos of triangle and square, and finish it with artes of x and round--

Sincerely, unBEARables.

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