Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015

12 October 2015

That day started as a non-typical very lazy Monday, as I know that at that day I needed to be present in four places simultaneously, but before I knew it, I went home with a very happy smile on my face.

This is a memento for the happiest day in my life ever since I started 2015. I have tried to block away this happiness but then I understand that the reason why I could go a long miles that day was because of my own happy feeling.

As long as I am happy, I can go anywhere, no matter how far.

I have just realized that.

Scientifically, this will be left unexplained.
If I can retain this happiness for as long as I can (supposedly until my very last day on earth), then who knows what kind of achievement I can get?

Do you know? It is funny how things happen and not happen. It is also funny how people meet and not meet. It is very funny how a little bit of smile can do big. 

I want to appreciate my time here. I want to employ it to the very best so I will not regret anything. Sure there are a lot of things that make me scared, but today I realized that the most important thing is what I feel, what I think, and what I believe.

And I have learned very well that regretting things I have never done is always a hundred folds worse than regretting the failure.

So I will do what I can, I will keep believing and I will pray for it every single day.

Today is, 12 October 2015, when I realize that destiny is one playful yet helpful thing.

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  1. Keep smile nyontek nm program TV kkkk
    Bener jg sih semua yg dicari tuh ad d diri sendiri, mo itu bahagia, sedih dkk

    1. we are what we think of ourselves ya, hihihi :D


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