Minggu, 31 Juli 2016

Day 1: Death

we are nothing in front of Him.

This is what I learned today:

That all struggle will come to an end if He says so.
We all struggle to find better things, yet He is the one who decide it all.

Ya Allah, oh how strong she is.
It put me to shame.
Oh how I felt like I was the most unfortunate one on earth, yet there she is, enduring it all.
Faced with death and separation, she stands strong.

She has gone past things that made her believe, and in the end she put it all back to You.

I learn it.
I learn what I should have learned.
That no one is more fortunate. That no one is more unfortunate.

Each soul has its own journey, right from their birth and far till they die.

And here I am, going through the path You have chosen for me, as she walks on hers.

Both of us believe that You, O The Most Knowledgeable of All, will always guide us through the truest path.
Everything is Yours.

And with You, Ya Allah, I choose to stop searching and stand still.
And reverse what I have been doing for so long.
And open my eyes, my ears, my mind, to all, everything this earth has to offer.
And use my remained courage to believe, that this is the point I was meant to be.

The safe haven is here with You, the One who is always within reach, the One who is always here to hear my words, my plea, the One who always understands my fear and anxiety and provides me a clear mind and heart wider than oceans.

I am safe.
I am enough.
I have nothing to lose.
I have nothing to be afraid of.

Ya Allah, I have done what I should do.
I put it back to Your Hands, all that should be moved, all that should be kept, all that should be decided.
You will fulfill Your promise to do Your part for me, right?

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