Jumat, 22 Januari 2016

If I Refuse to Work...

It means I got enough.

Cause I am someone who easily dedicate myself to my duty. I can easily give lots of my time and stamina just to make things work.

I can easily set aside bruises just to get my team moving. And I assure you, I am sturdy enough to become a professional worker no matter what kind of state my mind and heart is.

To resume it all: I can do anything for my team.


If I refuse to work, it means I got enough. It means somebody is crushing my sturdy wall, and prick into me.

And it is not a good sign.

And it means I need some alone time to recover.
Yes. Alone.

Because I don't want to kill people with my words. Neither do I want to hurt innocent people too.

And if you want to challenge me into "stubborness battle", I can assure you I will win easily.
Cause if I can easily focus myself in doing my job, then it won't be hard to focus myself in ignoring it.
Rather, I'll sit back and enjoy the show in which I disappear.

To resume it all: I am very skilled in being stubborn. LOL XD

Ready to enjoy the show?

Cause I am more than ready to see whether you will survive the way you used to when you still had me.

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