Jumat, 19 Februari 2016

The Nightmare This Morning

gives me a vibe of a weirdo.

They say that dream is only something meant to be seen within our sleep, literally.
But the dream I got this morning seemed a lot more like an answer I have been looking for ever since I started wavering at this point.

Though, I do feel funny on believing, but I do have full memory that everytime a dream seems very real to me (real enough for me to make a full retelling even hours after I wake up) then it is not just any ordinary dream.

It is something meant to be told for me.

It is something that ought to happen.

Nightmares included.

Well, I do not classify my dream this morning as something scary with demons and monsters, but it did make me disturbed.

Heavily disturbed.

Imagine when you walk leisurely and then suddenly you hit an invisible wall right on your face.
Yep, that is the feeling.

Finally, I understand that I just cannot continue, because I never plan to be left and forgotten at the other side of where you stand.
Strangely enough this seems to be the culmination of whatever happened in my last birthday.

This is a very mixed feeling I have.
Happy because I finally make a resolution.
Sad because I need to go back to point zero.
But mainly disturbed because it is hard to believe that this does not work out the way we wanted.

But yes, we have already understood that it does not work out for us.

But knowing me, soon I will be able to restructure my mind and we will be alright alone by ourselves at those two different paths.

Hey, last year was a great birthday. 
It was kinda magical to find someone whose birthday is almost the same as mine.
I am somehow relieved by the fact that this does not disturb the rhythm of our teams, and I hope it will never happen in the long last future.
Well, because we work at the same place, same teams! LOL XD
It is going to kill everyone if our work rhythm is disturbed.
I so do not need anyone dying because of it, literally.

Anyway, I bet that this is the very last time I dream about it.

Strangely enough, at the end of this typing, I feel very relieved.

Originally finished on 19 February 2015, 5.20 am, accompanied by this song 

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