Jumat, 27 November 2015


"everyone is worthy of second chance,"
was what she said to me, three years ago, when I was just become a lecturer.
At that time, I was terribly upset because a student lied to me,

Well, if I look back at it now, I found it funny for behaving like that.

Maybe it was naivety.
Maybe it was that thing called 'pride'.

But then she told me that.

It echoes within my head. 
And it will always echo within me.
Like today, then tomorrow, and so on. 

For I run out of time of saying this to you, allow me to express this limitless gratitude, for every knowledge, understanding, and everything else, from the day when I was still a mere student, until this day.

This day when I realize that tomorrow I will not be able to see nor hear your voice again.

But your words will always here, echo within me.
Not even a word of thank-you may convey my gratitude for you, but it is all that I can say.

Thank you.
May Allah guide you, enlighten you and raise you to be on the best place, there by His side.

in all sincerity,
your student.

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