Senin, 20 April 2015

Old Little Song

There is one song I've been dreaded to hear for so many months.

Yep, because I thought it could be the dead of me,
Or... maybe I thought it made myself got lost inside the rain (ok, this is cliché)
Or maybe, I thought that it would make me jump out of the road and screaming like crazy (oh geez, this is exaggerating)

Such a long drive home,

I was not a fool, though they say I was wrong, I knew I was right,
I knew it,
I knew the result long before I even start trying,

We don't even need a mirror to look at the rear side of us, because we can turn around with wide eyes,
All that matter is how to avoid bumping the rear, right?
Like an apprentice driver, traffic jam is just another challenge,
Add some heavy pouring rain, then it will be so difficult to see what's ahead,
Then at the end of the road, you will find the blue deep forest swallowing the avenue,

It is not the wrong way,
It is my way home,

The forest is still as blue as ever, no matter how many times the clock has been crashed and burned,
So many people talking as the time ticks, and I thought they must be talking about me,
Not that it matter to me,
Because I found my way home,
It was such a long way, like, very very long way,
Every step I take is not meant to be recovered, so yeah, there's no going back to the way it was, not that I want one,

And then, at my home today is the very first time I hear the song for this year, like I believe, that day was also the first time I ever heard the exact same singer and melody,

The same song that made me laugh in different kinds of happiness.
The pressure is long gone.

NB: I challenged myself a bit to write some kind of self-reflection when I found the song I stopped listening for so long, and to my surprise, my first reaction was laughing. Anyone knew what the song is? This post contains so many clue to the song btw :)

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