Selasa, 21 April 2015

Dear Friend, Somewhere Far Away...

It has been so long since we last met,
And talk,

Well, it doesn't look like we have really talked to each other since we ever knew each other,
Do you even remember that we attended the same high school?
I will be doomed if you forget about that -___-"

I just really hope that you don't forget that we also attended the same college after all,

You were always...
Hmm... how should I put this...
You were always... shining, like a star, so bright and brilliant,
You were... so smart, beautiful, like really, we would find all the qualities of a girl in you,
I still remember when we were both working on the same exam, you easily excelled all the questions in no time while I was still trying so hard to answer one question,

Yeah, yeah, I knew it, you might have forgotten all about it,
Not that it surprised me,
It might not be a big deal for you, but for me, it felt like a very fond memory,
You're... one of the greatest person I have ever seen,

When I looked at you, I felt like looking at the high sky,
You resembled all the possibilities, all dreams that would come true,

To be exact, sometimes I would be so jealous at you,
For being so smart, so bright, so very very skillful,
When compared to you, I felt like I was nothing special,

I still remember the way you looked at me, some time in 2012,
You were standing there, just looking at me, saying nothing,
Even when I walked to you and waved my hand in front of you, you seemed like you didn't really see me,
The time you smiled to me was after I started to talk to you,

Dear my friend,
At that time, I didn't really think about the reason why you acted like that,
And just today, I really know what happened,
And I can somehow, relate it to the way you looked at me that day,
Well, I might not be the one you want to hear (or read) this from but... at least let me say this one thing to you,

I really understand how you feel.

Well, okay, deep inside, we are not really what people call as 'friends', but I consider you as one,
I don't really know why I consider you as one, but, you know, no matter how much I want to deny, deep inside I did admire you,
For every single thing you mastered,
For every single thing you could do while I couldn't,
And no, I am not pitying you or something, I just want to tell you honestly that I understand it, I really, really, understand how you feel,
I really understand,
I was on the same boat anyway, though, my case was not as hard as yours,

Writing this post on my blog is just a silly effort, I knew, but we never really exchange contact number or something else, right?
Like I said, we were never really 'friends' to begin with, because, yeah, we were on two different worlds after all,
You were already so high on the sky when I was just learning how to fly,

And right now, I remember about you,
The decision you made must be so hard, and requiring so much bravery to take,
Yet, despite of all the great changes, you keep standing, you keep all your rationality with you,
And I know, I have one more reason to admire you after all,

I guess you really are a very great person,

Look, I understand that maybe life can be so unfair and cruel at the same time,
But I believe, every little thing happens for a reason,
While every hello will end with goodbye, every lose will be replaced with something more precious,
It doesn't matter where we are, as long as we stay true to ourselves, we will get by anything,

I hope you're doing well at the place you are now,
I hope that happiness will always be with you no matter how many hardship may lie ahead,

I know you will be fine,
Because you are... you.

NB: anyway, the song of Rascall Flatts titled as 'My Wish' may convey all the things I want to say to you too.

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