Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

friendship and her marriage

she's no ordinary friend of mine,

she has quite a love story along with her,
her determination,
is one of her strongest thing,

i never thought i'll be one of her close friend,

my past with her is quite amazing,
it's all about chance that made us close to each other,
and then before i knew it,
she'd already all around me,
she'd already been somebody i wish to find everyday,
she'd already been someone i always want to make sure that she's alright,

she's an amazing friend,
she's someone that willing to sacrifice almost everything for someone dear to her,
once she loves someone,
once someone become close to her,
she will protect them,
with all her might,

i was one of people she protected,
i was someone receiving her sacrifice just for me,
and for that,
she become somebody irreplaceable by anyone,

then she got married,
there's a quote saying that, "when your best friend is getting married, you'll get both happy and lonely,

well it's completely true that i'm happy,
of course i'm happy, by all means!! ^o^
it's a good feeling seeing her smiling on her big day,

maybe right now i will not able to be with her as free as usual,
maybe i won't be able to freely ask her to hang out or doing some stupid or crazy things together,
although it won't be that different, but it still going to be different,
even maybe i won't be that freely to send any message to her,

because she's someone that always all around me these days,
messaging each other, calling each other, and everything for each other,
supporting each other,
talking about nonsense each other,
spending the youth with each other,

imagining those things makes me feel so lonely -__-"

i wish it won't be that lonely,
i wish it won't be that lonely,
i wish it won't be that lonely,

i wish i'm just thinking too much ^_^

well, she's still around me anyway ^__^
still being my irreplaceable friend..

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