Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

Day 24: Honest

having someone you can be honest to, is definitely a bless

I always thought that having someone who can definitely read you from your face is nothing but a storyline.

So when I came to my room this afternoon, after a hard battle within my mind (which involves brain-wrecking way of thinking, mingled thought, fears, prepositions, and many other indescribable things), I got very surprised when she asked me, "What happened? Why the long face?"
I reflexively answer with, "Oh, nothing,"
But then she laughed a bit and said, "That kind of face says everything,"

My face failed me, I told myself.

But as I smiled to myself, I was secretly happy.
Because someone actually has ability to see through my 'Nothing' word.
Because I have someone like her who bothers to ask when she finds me with a weird face.

"Nothing... just..." (then I honestly told her the things that bothered me).

I am blessed.
I still have the chance to be honest to someone I trust.

I don't know what kind of future I will have tomorrow, but at least for now, between my jumbled thought, I still have the luxury of feeling blessed.
And that is really something.

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