Senin, 20 Februari 2017

Day 25: Run

everyday, I count my step, to get to the end

If I can choose, I will run, not just simply take this one-and-one step.
If I can choose, I will, definitely, run.

Because I can feel that the end is near.

That is why, I want to run, not running away, but approaching the end.
Because the 'end' will be the new beginning, and I will do anything to get there.

I got enough with chills I feel on the back of my neck.
This quest has to end quick with double winners. 

Ah... I guess I start to spew some strange thing from inside my head.
But seriously, this has to end, soon. Has to be. 

Has to be. 

If I can choose, I will, definitely, run.

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  1. eh kok bisa samaan gtu yaks sm bang kenshin -it's not t' end but t' beginning- :D


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