Kamis, 17 Oktober 2013


Always say it to others like I know most of things,
Well indeed, I know most of things,
Proud of my experiences with many encounters, I set up my mind into automatic distorting mode,
Placing logic and experience as the most important factors in my life, I make many decisions.

But then I know,
No matter how experienced a person is, her logic is not capable to handle everything,
Compassion is just another reason that may lead to many more expectations I cannot stop,
Again, questioning the future without mirroring to the past, because things are keep changing.
Experience. Logic. What are they anyway?

Another thing to learn is coming soon,
Whether it will last or become another past is simply unknown to us,
Led by all vivid considerations, at least my judgement has been a lot more careful.

Although in the end, I am just another ordinary human.

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I am Enneagram type 7 with ENTP, highly imaginative, lots of flight of ideas, yield many hobbies and skills, and unsurprisingly extraordinary. Yes, why do people even bother to define themselves as ordinary while every soul is downright created as extraordinary? :p