Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

Five Minutes

I stared, finally found myself inside my own funny world,
and suddenly I felt like 21 again,
stirred a smile, like i needed to laugh,
yet it ended in a smirk,

for once, i saw my old self,
believed in what i wanted to believe, 
dreamed for what i wanted to dream,
no matter what befell on the next day, i kept dreaming, believing,
like there was infinite possibility,
like there was nothing called spectacle,
nor a finish line,

all was, start line,

i stared to the imaginary old self,
grinning at each other,
huge heart i had, keeping thousands of hope and courage,
like the sun would never set,
and the night would just a millennium ahead,

21, i saw myself,
laughing at the same reason each day for 1095 days ahead,
the stupidest, yet bravest reason i ever saw,
not even wondering what would come when i closed my eyes daydreaming,
pushing all my dreams to materialize, i stumbled happily,
even common sense was nothing,

the old me, the 21 me,
need only one motivation to went ahead,
the same one that protected me from a lot of scary things,
just one,
and i could conquer the world if i must,
breaking the barrier between dream and reality, i kept one promise to myself,
that no matter what happened, i would believe,

insanity was just another one,
i flight to the sun, chasing afternoon throughout the sky,
soared above the wind, i sent my dreams to the horizon,
sang the song of happiness, i lite up my world with thousands fireflies,
turning the world from any night possible,

for five minutes,
i stared, and being my old 21 self,
a very faraway version of me,
like so faraway,

i learned that time and distance might change every little thing,

upside down.


#np Clarity -Zedd ft. Foxes
images from: cinemagia.ro, adjunctnation.com, thelivingmoon.com

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