Senin, 02 Oktober 2017

The Room of Facts

Siennra's Room of Fact.
Why doing this?
Because... Well... Why not?
This list will grow along the time as long as I want to write about it.
I address myself in third point of view.

Fact 1:
Was firstly smitten by personality tests during college. She was so amused to find herself as Enneagram 7. It was like, "Wow, so I'm not that weirded out! There are people similar to me!"

Fact 2:
Firstly found herself as ENTP in her early twenty. She laughed so hard when reading the description because it was eerily similar.

Fact 3:
She loves encouraging people to take personality test!

Fact 4:
Blue is her favorite color. Black and white follow close by.

Fact 5:
She put pink at the last color to pick, but she does not particularly hate it. People say that her facial feature actually suits pink and she looks fabolous in that color but she would simply answer, "I know I look good in pink, that's why I save it only for some occasion,"
Yeah... She's both calculating and narcissistic at the same time.

Fact 6:
Her first roleplaying game is Shining Force II. She got plenty of English vocabs from that game. She also started to learn English rigorously since then.

Fact 7:
Her latest ITP TOEFL Score is 613.

Fact 8:
A native speaker once told her that he could not catch her words. So she started to learn how to speak English. Now she's a lot better.

Fact 9:
She learned Japanese by herself since middle shool. She had mastered both Kana and some very simple Kanji when she graduated. She firstly took a lesson for Japanese in high school. She was once sent to Japanese Story Telling Competition by her school, but she failed rather big time.

Fact 10:
She still learn Japanese until now by using Duolingo app. She cannot speak Japanese like she does with English though.

Fact 11:
Her very first (and favorite) Japanese song is Fukai Mori by Do As Infinity. It is also the very first Japanese song she can sing very well.

Fact 12:
She is a soprano. She was once part of choir in her college days.

Fact 13:
She still practices singing every now and then, usually when driving alone. She values her time of practicing singing, so she can jump into the stage when needed.

Fact 14:
She once jumped into student's choir in an event in her faculty because the choir's soprano was very weak. Thankfully, she still memorized many lines of the choir songs.

Fact 15:
One of her favorite singer is Christina Aguilera. The most memorable song is 'I Turn To You', since she practically needs almost 10 years to reach all the notes and sing it perfectly.

Fact 16:
Her is currently in love with Pentatonix and Clean Bandit.

Fact 17:
Maroon 5's videoclip of 'I Don't Wanna Know', sparked her curiosity of Pokemon Go. She was part of Valor.

Fact 18:
She still likes playing games, especially roleplaying games. She also plays CYOAs and recently she plays Mystic Messenger.

Fact 19:
The reason why she plays Mystic Messenger is because of the quote, "Let's Marry in the Space Station,"
It takes her one year to finally relent to her curiosity and finally plays the game.

Fact 20:
She only plays Zen and Seven routes though. She set many alarms in her phone so she won't miss the chatroom.

Fact 21:
She is capable of putting a straight face when playing games so people usually think that she is very serious doing the work with her phone / laptop.
If only they knew...
This facáde falls when she's alone.

Fact 22:
She was once a Guildmaster in Ragnarok Online. She gave up the position because she considered herself way too lazy to grind as intense as her fellow guildmates.

Fact 23:
She favors magic users when playing roleplaying games. Magician comes first. Healer comes after.

Fact 24:
She wishes she could do levitation.

Fact 25:
Her real hobby is to stare at the blue sky while doing nothing.

Fact 26:
Her real dream is to become an astronout, and she understands astronomy very well despite of her rather low mark in physic. She held dear on this dream until her last year in high school, when she suddenly realized that being an astronout would be very difficult.

Fact 27:
She is a medical doctor and a lecturer.

Fact 28:
She chose medical school because she was informed that it has the easiest orientation period.

Fact 29:
She also thought that there's no physic in medical school. Once she found out that medical school indeed has physic course, she immediately called her mother, telling her that she didn't want to be medical student anymore.
Her mother was very angry.

Fact 30:
She failed her physic course in medical school once. It's her worst mark ever in her history as medical student.

Fact 31:
She doesn't like to be called 'Doctor' if it's not in a medical setting, nor she likes to tell people that she's an MD. She mostly prefers to be called by her name and her occupation as a lecturer.

Fact 32:
She frequently calls her fellow lecturers as 'Prof', especially if they aren't from medical school and call her 'Doctor'.

Fact 33:
She has a young face. It is in her gene. Both her parents look younger than their actual age.

Fact 34:
She is currently the chief of quality assurance unit in her faculty. She still holds the record as the youngest chief ever in her university's history.
But she prefers to step down next year.

Fact 35:
She is not easily stressed out. She commonly takes task twice as much as her fellow lecturers do.

Fact 36:
She is actually a procrastinator. Though, she conciously arrange her procrastination well so only a few people can clearly see it.
If only they knew...

Fact 37:
She works well in both silent and loud environment.

Fact 38:
She will put her headset if she need to concentrate fully. Usually, she puts on Yiruma's piano session when she does this.

Fact 39:
She is well known for her speedy and accurate work. Maybe that's why she's given way too many task more than not.

Fact 40:
She excels in using computer. Her IC3 Score is 867/ 822/ 933.

Fact 41:
She has very little patience in young girls who cannot understand technology. She has way less patience in guys with same case. Are they from Stone Age?!

Fact 42:
She has balance between meticulousness and sloppiness.

Fact 43:
She values understanding. She loves to make people understand. Maybe that's why she prefers to be a lecturer.

Fact 44:
She has a great amount of leadership and she is well aware of it, though she usually prefers to let people take that role. Should there is no one to take it, she will step up.

Fact 45:
She actually prefers to be aloof than being in charge.

Fact 46:
But it doesn't mean she hates being in charge. She enjoys that. She thinks of responsibility as a quest to conquer.

Fact 47:
She likes learning new things. And it means, anything! From origami to building a rocket, if possible.

Fact 48:
She likes to read. Anything. She has many books and somehow she manages to keep them at top-notch appearance despite of the long ownership.

Fact 49:
She has many novels. Mostly about magic. And she is very protective of her novels. Tear a milimetre and she will hate you forever.

Fact 50:
She gives only her favorite books plastic cover.

Fact 51:
She once had Twilight novel, but she hated it before she reached the middle of the novel. She then gave it to her friend, who was dying to have the novel.
It is the only novel she ever gives.

Fact 52:
She forgot which of her friend whom she gave the Twilight novel, because she did the giving completely on whim.

Fact 53:
She has weakness of cute things. It is the only condition in this world that make her unable to put a straight face to.

Fact 54:
Her favorite stuffed animal is Pooh.

Fact 55:
She loves snuggling to her stuffed animals.

Fact 56:
She doesn't like human-like dolls in all size. She thinks they are creepy.

Fact 57:
She loves to draw, but she admit that she is not good at drawing person, unless as chibi.

Fact 58:
Her first painting is tropical fruits in blue table. She still has it on her wall right now.

Fact 59:
She has rather good skill in Photoshop, but second to none in Corel. She is capable to use Photoshop in making comic, page, poster, etc.

Fact 60:
She used to be very capable in making short animation using Flash. But she never uses this skill again and now she is completely out of it.

Fact 61:
The multimedia skills she has comes from her experience as recurrent multimedia team during her days in college.

Fact 62:
She was once an illustator for student magazine.

Fact 63:
She was the character creator for her press group's mascots during her college days.

Fact 64:
She used to be called as way too serious when she was in her early college years. Many old close friends who meet her now say that her current personality is way a lot brighter than she used to be.

Fact 65:
She underwent massive personality challenge during her early twenties.

Fact 66:
People who primarily affected her change in personality were: her mother, her partner in hospital, and her first love.

Fact 67:
She is usually pretty slow when realizing that she is in love. Her closest friends tend to recognize it first.

Fact 68:
She has three closest friends she cherishes until now. All three of them were also in love with her first love.
The four of them remain best friends until now. They identify themselves as Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy.
She is Sandy.

Fact 69:
She did not end up with her first love.

Fact 70:
She has tendency to analyze her own feeling, which is actually absurd. She is aware of this absurdity but she can't help it.

Fact 71:
She was mostly oblivious to people's feeling, stated only fact and did not think much about the impact. She recognized this fatal mistake during her mid twenties and now is continuously trying to be more considerate.

Fact 72:
She still does not value dramatic people.
But, she can turn any condition into dramatic one if she thinks it is necessary. Or funny.

Fact 73:
She questions many things. Not because she is sceptical, she is just way too curious than normal people.

Fact 74:
She likes people who can understand her over-the-top curiosity.

Fact 75:
She encourages people to be curious. Especially her students.

Fact 76:
She is an excellent brainstormer.

Fact 77:
She was a not-so-good plan executor. But since she started to work in the faculty, she realized that she has to be a good executor too.
So she becomes one. A resourceful one at it (if her laziness does not kick in)

Fact 78:
She can be a multitasker. She can sing, play games and work all at the same times.
The work is usually being lagged though.

Fact 79:
She considers playing game as her way to wind down.

Fact 80:
She likes memes. She likes to make memes out of the pictures of her big family and shares it in the family group.

Fact 81:
Although she is a procrastinator, she almost always comes on time. It is hard to impress her if you come late, unless you have a very good reason.

Fact 82:
She wants all her students to be successful, more than her.

Fact 83:
She might need some time to warm up to new people.

Fact 84:
She sometimes stares at people. She knows it is rude, so she only does this if she is sure that she is not being noticed.

Fact 85:
She wears glasses.

Fact 86:
Alcohol injured her left eye during her thesis research. It becomes S-5.25 in an instant.
She is very cautious with alcohol spray afterwards.

Fact 87:
Her favorite body part is her eyes.

Fact 88:
She injured her right foot during her period as junior doctor. It never heals completely and sometimes she suffers from serious strain if she walk/run/drive too much.

Fact 89:
Due to her right foot injury, she always wear at least 3 cm heel to prevent further flattening of her foot palm.

Fact 90:
She can drive, but only her car.
She refuses to drive any other car.

Fact 91:
Her farthest record of driving nonstop is from Surakarta to Caruban.

Fact 92:
She hates sloppy driver.

Fact 93:
She likes to wash her car herself. She thinks of it as a way to deepen her relationship with her car.

Fact 94:
She named her car 'Plue'.

Fact 95:
She can ride motorcycle, both manual and automatic.

Fact 96:
The name of her motorcycle is 'Pipin'.

Fact 97:
She is not easily flustered, unless you know her keywords. Once flustered, it is a very deep impression.

Fact 98:
She is considered as multitalented by many people. She denies it though.

Fact 99:
She prefers to be called 'curious' than 'smart'.

Fact 100:
Her full name literally means 'a good kid blessed with safety'.

Fact 101:
She uses the meaning of her name as justification of her childlike behavior. LOL.

Fact 102:
The phrase 'blessed with safety' in her name was given because she was a small baby, so her grandmother was worried.

Fact 103:
Her name contains the abbreviation of her parents' name.

Fact 104:
The name 'Siennra' is actually the abbreviation of her full name.

Fact 105:
She actually wishes to be named after a star, but she loves her name too much to actually change it.

Fact 106:
Her birthday date is coincident with Japanese children day.

Fact 107:
She is the first kid in the family.

Fact 108:
Her favorite subject ever since she entered elementary school is definitely, astronomy!

Fact 109:
Her favorite star is Sirius.

Fact 110:
Her favorite rocky planet is Earth.

Fact 111:
Her favorite gas giant is Saturn.

Fact 112:
Her favorite Kuiper Belt object is Pluto.

Fact 113:
Her favorite quote when she's stressed out is: "I wish I could fly away to the other end of the Milky Way,"

Fact 114:
She collects numerous space-themed wallpapers.

Fact 115:
She loves astronomy because it reminds her of the nothingness, that her existence is next to nothing in the vastness of universe. She draws better spirituality by understanding the minusculity of human, compared to anything else.

Fact 116:
She loves the fact that the hydrogen atoms in living being is literally the trace of Big Bang.
She can talk about this for hours.

Fact 117:
Meditation is one of the most difficult thing she ever learned, due to her tendency to jump over things even inside her mind. Nowadays, she meditates rather easier.

Fact 118:
She almost never stops thinking and formulating things inside her head, unless she prays, meditates, or sleeps.

Fact 119:
She values her sleep time.
Unless she gets new novel or game to finish, LOL! She can practically give up the whole night for those two.

Fact 120:
She rarely has trouble sleeping. Even after very troubling days.

Fact 121:
She almost never takes coffee no matter how sleepy she is, because her stomach hates it. She only takes coffee (after taking gastritis premed) if she is overly sleepy to even sit straight.
She usually still suffers from nausea though she has added sugar and creamer into her coffee.

Fact 122:
She loves tea. Especially those with strong aroma. She drinks her tea without sugar but sometimes adds creamer just to test the taste.

Fact 123:
She hates medicinal / herbal tea though.

Fact 124:
She likes curcuma drinks. She dislikes any other rhizomas, including ginseng.

Fact 125:
She likes chocolates, especially bitter chocolates.

Fact 126:
She likes milk, especially the unsweetened one.

Fact 127:
She loves cows, the fat ones. She thinks they're cute.

Fact 128:
Another animal she likes is cat. She used to raise a female one, which she named 'Teman', since it was a kitten. They remained friends for seven years and the cat gave birth to many MANY kittens. The cat always visited her every morning and her heart always melted everytime they played.
On the seventh year, Teman suddenly meowed from far away from her house for around five minutes, then went away. Teman never came back again.

Fact 129:
Apparently, her mother hates cats, so she never invited Teman into her house. The cat found her own way inside though.

Fact 130:
She still has one video depicting Teman's kitten played with Teman's tail. It never fails to make her smile.

Fact 131:
Around ten days after her last encounter with Teman, she dreamed of finding Teman lying unmoved behind the door of her house. She abruptly awoke from her sleep.
She understood then, Teman has passed away.
She cried during the rest of the night and one full day afterward.

Fact 132:
Sometimes, she still cries silently when she remember about that certain female cat.

Fact 133:
She is an expert in hiding her tears though, almost to whatever cause.

Fact 134:
She refuses any possibility to raise any other animal again because she fears the pain of losing it again one day.

Fact 135:
If she can be an animal for one day, she would choose to become an eagle. She wants to soar onto the sky.

Fact 136:
She hates butterfly. Because its offspring is evil!!!! At least in her opinion.
She was once 'chased' by butterfly and about to cry.

Fact 137:
She also hates any other avertebrate creatures. She might cry and scream and cry and scream and cry and scream because of them. Like, seriously.

Fact 138:
That's why she is not fond of gardening. She hates all avertebrates living in soil. If you know what she means...

Fact 139:
She may massively tremble if she finds any avertebrates when attempting to clean the edibles. She probably chooses to throw away all the edibles then.

Fact 140:
Still, she likes to cook. For her, cooking is an experiment.

Fact 141: 
She makes her brother her personal tester. LOL.

Fact 142:
She refuses to use MSG. She relies on herbs, leaves, and seasoning to determine the taste of her cooking. Her mother is a good teacher.

Fact 143:
She likes spicy foods. So much.
She sometimes suffers from gastritis because of it.

Fact 144:
She hates goat meat.

Fact 145:
Goat is not cute in her opinion.

Fact 146:
She loves to make ketupat from coconut leaves. She and her father are the only one in her big family who still have this ability. It was her late grandfather who first taught her how to make one.
Yes, making ketupat always reminds her of her late grandfather.

Fact 147:
She hates the fact that many people choose to buy ketupat rather than making it themselves.

Fact 148:
She has the tendency to talk without thinking, trusting her brain to provide and articulate words after words on the go.
On rare occasions, her brain fails and she'll stutter.

Fact 149:
She is actually an ambivert. She is drawn by both people and solitude.
Surprisingly, she recently found out that ENTP is indeed the most introverted extrovert.

Fact 150:
She does not really fond of night party, including any sort of gala-dinner. Night time is the time for self.

Fact 151:
She likes afternoon gathering though. Afternoon is the time for people.

Fact 152:
She likes to walk alone most of the time. She likes having possibility to meet any new people during her walk.

Fact 153:
She is not afraid of being different. She values originality. 'Weird' sounds like a compliment than an insult to her.

Fact 154:
She hates plagiarism, especially if it concerns hers.

Fact 155:
Sometimes, people say that she must stop hogging all the spotlight. She laughs it off, "Blame the spotlight! Not me!"

Fact 156:
She does not like to be included into a team without her concern. She already has very packed up days all week.

Fact 157:
She holds all of her opinion with strong grounds. She is aware that this trait makes her seem unreachable sometimes, because, you won't be able to change her mind without strong reason.

Fact 158:
She actually looks for someone who can break her arguments.

Fact 159:
Being a brainstormer, she can easily be a devil's advocate if she wants to.

Fact 160:
She is not impressed by emotionality if it is about work. So if you think you can put puppy eyes to get her to do something for you, think again :p
Out of work, she can be as emotional as any normal female species.

Fact 161:
She hates clingy people. For her, it is very annoying.

Fact 168:
She dislikes people who give up easily.

Fact 169:
She tends to like challenges. She calculates the challenge and determine its risk and failure probability as soon as the challenge is sounded.
She can reject it on the spot (if she thinks the hassle is too much), accept it on the spot, or challenge back the one who comes with the challenge.

Fact 170:
She respect her teacher, lecturer, and elder in general.

Fact 171:
Her respect does not determine the ground she stands though. She prefers to speak truth over sweet talk. She spends years (and is still learning) to hone the truth-telling skill to her elder without making them feel unrespected.

Fact 172:
She treats her students equally, no matter who their parents are. And she is up to all arguments if their parents are unsatisfied with this fact.

Fact 173:
She hates people who use their parents as a 'shield'.

Fact 174:
She considers her quick and witty thinking as a double-edged sword for herself.

Fact 175:
She is blatantly and naturally outspoken. Over the years, she learns how to keep her opinion to herself, little by little.

Fact 176:
She loves spending her time home. Especially in weekend.

Fact 177:
She cannot swim, despite the fact that she took swimming lesson when she was younger.

Fact 178:
Thus, she is very afraid of drowning.

Fact 179:
She likes cold weather a lot more than hot weather.

Fact 180:
She almost never opens her Facebook account, nor she is familiar with its features.

Fact 181:
Her favorite social media are Twitter and Habitica.

Fact 182:
She is currently a Healer in Habitica.

Fact 183:
Her favorite IM is Whatsapp.

Fact 184:
She rarely opens any IM or social media in weekend.

Fact 185:
She often has trouble remembering the name of people she just met.

Fact 186:
She does not have trouble in public speaking. It has been said above, she trusts her brain enough to supply her with whatever words she need for the next second.

Fact 187:
She is not fond of selfie.

Fact 188:
She does not like being photographed alone.

Fact 189:
She likes taking photograph though.

Fact 190:
Her favorite gadget is her phone.

Fact 191:
You can find the following app inside her phone: office suite, photo editor, notes, kaomoji, IM, calendar, meditation app, and several games.

Fact 192:
She relies heavily on her calendar to tell her what to do and what she has done.

Fact 193:
She likes putting blue-themed or cute wallpapers for her phone.

Fact 194:
She will laugh when people put salutation of 'Hajj' or 'Hajjah' in front of their name. It is not a salutation whatsoever! Thus it is very hilarious to hear someone says, "My name is Hajjah....(name)....."
She will laugh a lot at that.
Then loses most of her respect to that person.

Fact 195:
She is quite selective in choosing whose religious preach she wants to listen. She favors a preacher who has broad perspective in valuing good and bad things in life.

Fact 196:
Her favorite preacher is Prof. Quraisy Shihab.

Fact 197:
She rarely watches television, unless it is news program or the preach of Prof. Shihab.

Fact 198:
She is never fond of sinetron. LOL.

Fact 199:
She gets almost all news from Twitter Feed.

Fact 200:
She is an avid viewer of Youtube, especially space science.

Fact 201:
If she can choose, she would choose to be an lecturer without additional nor structural position, so she can focus on her research more. Though so far, this is way too far from reality.

Fact 202:
When she leads, she prefer to put the base principal first before putting people into the task.

Fact 203:
She is never fond of ordering people around. On the other hand, she dislikes being ordered around.

Fact 204:
She has a tendency to walk fast, unless she has many things running around in her head. She can be slower than snail that way.

Fact 205:
Her biggest strength as leader is her positive attitude toward any problem, no matter how sudden and how gravely dangerous the problem is.

Fact 206:
Her biggest weakness as leader is her tendency to expect people move as fast as her.
She has rather low tolerance on people who move slowly.

Fact 207:
She moves her body to the melody she hears, whether it is subtly (like finger taps) or fully.
She sometimes works out while listening to upbeat songs, and moves as the melody flows.
Kinda weird, yeah... but she thinks it's fun!

Fact 208:
She sings when doing things. With or without headset.

Fact 209:
She adores Choi Twins. She can fangirl like teens for this.

Fact 210:
She admits that her mind still unconsciously thinking that she is currently in her mid twenties.

Fact 211:
Her skill in playing music instruments is next to zero, despite not being tone deaf.
She did learn guitar and keyboard at some points but she did not continue her lesson.

Fact 212:
Still, she dreams to be able to perform singing while playing music instrument by herself.

Fact 213:
Several plans she had when she's younger is to become architect or painter. She never planned to become a medical doctor.

Fact 214:
Despite her liking to sing, she never dreams to be a singer. She did dream to become a dancer once.

Fact 215: 
She danced a traditional dance and several contemporary songs when she was a child.

Fact 216:
She kind of buried her wish to dance since her mother said that she could not move her hands fluidly when dancing.
Haha :p
She was eight at that time. After that, whenever she got chance to perform, she chose singing rather than dancing.

Fact 217:
She actually still holds a wish to dance some traditional dance. But she knows she doesn't have time to learn those intricate moves anymore.

Fact 218:
She still sometimes dances to her favorite songs until now.

Fact 219:
She wants to learn batik-painting since she was a child. This wish has not been fulfilled.

Fact 220:
She can be very sentimental when she visited several cities. Like Solo, for example.

Fact 221:
She can sing 'Only Human' by K without peeking at the lyric, despite the fact that she never watched 1 Litre of Tears.

Fact 222:
She is the type that will replay exactly one song that she finds similar to her mood for hours (or days, or weeks) nonstop.

Fact 223:
She is the type that can only do something if she wants to do it. If she doesn't want to, then she won't be able to do it since her brain will be too scattered to even focus on it.

Fact 224:
Due to her happy-go-lucky (and sometimes, overly positive) attitude, most people won't believe that she was once collapsed due dengue fever and must be hospitalized.
Everyone thought that no mosquito would win against her.

Fact 225:
Honestly, when she says, "Is there something I can help?" it doesn't mean that she has nothing to do, but she is getting impatient, that is why she prefers to dive unto your task so she can speed it up.

Fact 226:
She is very fond of emoji and kaomoji

Fact 227:
She likes pranking people. Case closed :p

Fact 228:
She is not naturally silent when she is around people. If she does, then it is either she is deep in thought, or she is downright angry.

Fact 229:
She is the biggest inspiration for herself. That's why she is very careful in deciding her feeling toward something. She can easily motivate herself, or... crush her own motivation in seconds.

Fact 230:
Negative feelings rarely affect her as a whole person, so you can expect her to be as bright as any other day no matter how difficult her situation is. But it doesn't mean she doesn't have negative emotion. She has.
She just learned not to let it take control.
But sometimes, she loses her control.

Fact 231:
She withdraws herself only when her negative feeling becomes overbearingly dominant.

Fact 232:
She is mostly fond of surprise.

Fact 233:
When in charge, she is always in full alert and constantly formulating all turns of event, good or bad, thus she is mostly ready for any problem ahead.

Fact 234:
Though, she hates it when someone asks her a favor out of the blue, with short notice and (mostly) near deadline.
She indeed excels at procrastination, haha, but her procrastination is the kind that cannot be disturbed. She plans all the deadlines she has in advance (yeah, kinda impossible but trust me she can do that) and one additional deadline can disturb everything.
Do not give her a task out of the blue, especially if she is not in charge, unless you have made her know of it in advance.

Fact 235:
Her bodily alarm of being too tired, either physically or mentally, is the crestfallen feeling in her heart.
She will put away all of things she's been doing if that feeling comes by.

Fact 236:
No matter she whines while procrastinating, she still gets an A.
She is proud of this. But at the same time, it makes her prone of additional tasks.

Fact 237:
She takes chocolate bar or chocolate drink with her when she is stressed out.

Fact 238:
It is better to let her be when she withdraws herself to recollect her thought. She controls herself better than anyone else.

Fact 239:
She only cries when she is alone, or with someone she tremendously trusts.

Fact 240:
Her first instinct when she feels a negative feeling is to cheer herself up. This instinct is usually strong enough to heal her.
It has its moment of failure though.

Fact 241:
It usually take her about one week to one year to actually let herself be sad to the point of cry over something.
She spends all those time before being sad to try to neutralize her negative feeling.

Fact 242:
When Fact 241 happens, it means that she is badly hurt already.
That is why she is very careful when her feeling is involved.

Fact 243:
Though, once she get over those sadness, she always finds herself become a lot more stronger and wiser.

Fact 244:
Honestly, she amazed herself because she has got over so many things she thought she wouldn't ever be able to get through.
Honestly, so many things.

Fact 245:
She consider herself a tough person right now and she is proud of it.

Fact 246:
So anyway, if you find her as someone who is constantly positive, trust me it is just a mask.

Fact 247:
Her closest people describe her as weird but unexpectedly dependable.

Fact 248:
If she goes somewhere for learning, like seminar or workshop, you can expect her to stay in hotel all day.
Unless the venue is near with shopping centre.

Fact 249:
She doesn't like to carry suitcase when she goes on a trip. She prefers to bring the least possible baggage.

Fact 250:
She is not fond of the idea of buying gifts for people when she is in an official trip. She willingly buys some if it is a leisure trip though.

Fact 251:
She is aware that sometimes she overwhelms people by things she does, like putting practically all of her time (and her rigorous, undivided concentration) just for the sake of proving that she can do something that was deemed impossible.
And she succeeds, more than not.

Fact 252:
She is not fond of being included in a group of instant messaging without her consent.
The reason is that it is a waste of packet data.

Fact 253:
But she is included in tons of them.

Fact 254:
She does not read most of the groups' chat, just ones that are directly related to her work.

Fact 255:
She is aware that the three facts above annoys people and makes her seem distant.
But honestly, it does not bother her the least.

Fact 256:
She believes that three months is the approximate age of a lively IM group. The group will be reduced to a group for happy birthdays or other dreary compliments afterwards.

Fact 257:
She is not fond of wearing watch.

Fact 258:
She pratically got into fight with someone due to her un-fond-ness of wearing watch. Haha.

Fact 259:
She does wear watch when she must do her lab work which requires time precision.

Fact 260:
Honestly, she is not fond of jewerly and other accessories in general.

Fact 261:
She also does not wear earring. But this is because she got scar in her left earring hole.

Fact 262:
The only accessory that she sometimes wears is giok bracelet, given by her mother.

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